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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” — Dr. Seuss

And so I can hope my mystery photo game is waking up some brain cells.  We all do better with wide awake brains. Well, I guess we do although sometimes we can have pretty interesting dreams. I’ve had people ask me if I dream up story idea while I’m asleep. I think my subconscious does work on sticky plot issues or helps me come up with that right word or phrase sometimes. But the dreams I actually see floating through my head while I’m sleeping are usually just humdrum or silly stuff. Plus, I generally forget them ten minutes after I get up. Do you remember your dreams? I have a few I’ve remembered. One from when I was a teen, but it wasn’t a happy dream so I don’t dwell on it. Most of my dreams just evaporate in the light of the morning sun.

But you can locate ways to exercise your brain and keep it in good working order out on the internet. I found a link to How to Exercise Your brain on WikiHow. I didn’t know there was a WikiHow. But I liked some of the things suggested. The first thing up was “Read as much as you can. Reading is great brain exercise.” The third down was “Write something.” I think I have found my brain exercises. There were lots of others too – learn a new language or to play an instrument, do things with your non-dominant hand, turn off the television, socialize with people face to face, and the one that’s working for me tonight – work puzzles. While the article didn’t exactly mention mystery photo puzzles, we can add that right to Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Your Guesses on Sunday’s Mystery Photo

I loved all your imaginative guesses on the last mystery photo. The most popular guesses were thistle seeds or dandelion fluffs so I took pictures of those today to post. Great guesses but not right guesses. But that’s probably what I would have guessed too if I hadn’t known what it really was. Then I loved the guesses of the sun shining through leaves and spiderwebs in the dew or sunlight. Could have been right since I have taken pictures of sun rays sliding through the tree leaves and many pictures of spiderwebs drenched in dew. But neither was the mystery photo this time. A guess that made me smile was Becky’s. She said a sticktight I got out of Oscar’s fur. An interesting guess was a Shaker broom being made. I can see that and it went right along with a couple of broom straw guesses.

Nobody got it right. None of you even came close. I showed the mystery picture to several in my family. They didn’t know what it was either if that makes you feel any better. Meet a little woolly worm. A mysterious little woolly worm.

Mystery picture number four is up top. So ready, set, guess. A guess, right or wrong, gets you an entry in the drawing for winner’s choice of one of my books, autographed to you or to a friend if you want to give it to someone else. Contest is open to those 18 years old and older. Deadline to enter is midnight EST October 10, 2017. So this mystery picture and one more to guess come Sunday’s post.

More Chances to Win coming up

Check out another chance to win my new book at Sue Harrison’s website.  I loved Sue’s Ivory Carver Series, Mother Earth Father Sky and others set in prehistoric times and was excited when I got to know her via internet. Now she’s giving away one of my These Healing Hills. Then very soon I’ll be taking part in a Scavenger Hunt with great prizes, starting on October 19th. So more about that coming soon, but you can go ahead and check it out here.

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    Ann H Gabhart

    You all make this game so fun and challenging for me as I try to come up with new mystery pictures. The last one is going to be posted in a couple of hours. It remains to be seen how mysterious it will be.

    Peggy – that is a great guess. I can see those avocado seeds.

    Ellen – I’m having a harder time seeing those chocolate cookie cups, but the lemon pansy butterfly is very close to right.

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