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Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go. ~Genesis 28:15a (NKJ)

That promise was given to Jacob when he was dreaming as he was on a journey to find his wife as instructed by his father. He, no doubt, felt lonely and afraid but the Lord promised to be with him through all his journeys. The Lord is with us on our journeys too. Some of the stories you have shared show God’s providential care in our lives in powerful ways while other stories demonstrate His gentle care in everyday things that might not seem so important in the grand scheme of things. But God is in the big and little things. First we hear from Lucy.

I feel God’s providential care everyday, as I couldn’t do this journey without Him. There have been times when I was a single mom that I had food given to us at just the right time. Never give up no matter how hard things get. God is always right on time. 

So true, Lucy. Always right on time. Linda certainly can testify to that in her story of God’s provision for her daughter and for her.

Just a short story for you. My daughter had to have a kidney transplant when she was 13, and I know God’s provision was already in place because my kidney was a perfect match for her. I was very nervous and anxious about being put to sleep but my Church family was set to start a prayer chain early that morning and and would continue praying until the surgery was completed. I don’t think I’ve ever been more calm than I was that morning. I felt a peace that truly does pass understanding. That happened 28 years ago and I can still remember it well! And my daughter is doing well. God is good.

God is good. All the time. Thank you for sharing your story, Linda. Now Sierra tells us a different sort of story when she recognized the Lord’s help.

One recent time that I felt God’s providential care in my life was when my car broke down on a road trip with my daughter to visit a college she was interested in. Doesn’t sound providential, BUT:
~We’d driven about 6-1/2 of the 7 hours toward our destination;
~On the way home, we discovered that we’d pulled off at the last exit available for several miles;
~A tow truck and Lift (a service like Uber) got us to a repair shop and our appointment in time;
~When the first repair shop didn’t have the part they thought we needed — which would have had us stranded for 3 days — we had the car towed to another shop which correctly diagnosed the problem and fixed the car a 9:30 p.m. THAT NIGHT.
~So, a long story … but a clear case of everything going wrong in, ultimately, just the right way.
~Oh, and though the college we visited was beautiful, my daughter ended up choosing a much less expensive school much closer to home. Our adventure did play some part in her decision.

Love your story, Sierra. The Lord does work through other people to help us through our troubles and a broken down car that far from home is definitely a trouble. One more story from Marla.

Where to start? I could write a book, as I’m sure all of us could, as far as how many times the Lord has been there for me.
I didn’t have the greatest of childhoods, but I always cried out to Jesus and He was always there for me – getting me through some rough times. Lately, in my life, my daughter has Lyme disease which has been debilitating for her. We have seen countless answers to prayer. and in our darkest moments, knew He was there for us.
I will share my tulip story:
We had to do landscaping on our home due to my daughter’s health, and at this point, family members were helping us with it. My sis in law asked what I want saved and I didn’t want to make it difficult, so I told her to pull up my tulip bulbs to make it easier on her. Well, then spring came and I was quite sad that I wouldn’t be seeing tulips coming up that year. (I love spring). I was sitting on my front step and I looked over and there were little buds starting to pop up. My tulips!! So my sis in law didn’t pull them all up. and some were left behind.

This brings me to tears as I type this. It was just totally God making me feel loved and cared for. Might seem silly to some, but He just really spoke to my heart that day. and the story still makes me fall in love with Him all the more. He truly does care for us and all that we are going thru. Just look at the cross  – and you will have to realize His deep love for us that we can’t even begin to  comprehend.

Thank you for sharing your story, Marla. It is good to feel the love of God through the beauty of the world and through the love and help of friends and family.

I have received many stories from you all and I appreciate every one. It’s inspiring to hear how the Lord has touched your lives and through your stories, He has touched me and others too.

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As always, thanks for reading.


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