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I sent the prizes out for my recent giveaway, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share a few more of your gardening stories. I always enjoy reading your stories and each time one of you mentioned a favorite flower, I was right there with you seeing that beautiful bloom or taking in the scent. It was like a walk through a lovely garden. So I’m sharing a few more stories today.

First Margie’s story gave me the title for this post. Here’s what she wrote.

I love flowers of every description and some are special because they remind me of a favorite person in my life…pansies and wild roses remind me of my maternal grandmother….canna lilies remind me of my paternal grandmother….peonies remind me of my father…roses, poppies, and flowers of every color growing in wild abandon remind me of my Aunt Lena who will be 103 in August….gerbera daisies, petunias, and verbena make me think of my Mama…and roses remind me of my son, Alex…So I try to have a little bit of all these favorites scattered about my yard in memory of those who are no longer with me and to honor those who are….flowers are love in our family!!

Then Karlene’s story shows how that love was demonstrated in her family with her traveling magnolia bloom.

Gardening story – when my family moved to Alabama we had a gorgeous magnolia tree in the front yard of our new house.  My mother, born a Kansas farm girl (no, her name was not Dorothy!) decided she wanted her mother in Kansas to actually see one of the large magnolia flowers, so she wrapped it up carefully and carried it through three airports and 2 plane changes (along with herding 4 children) and the magnolia blossom and all 4 children arrived safely and in good condition. (This was in the 1960’s before any kind of airport security checks.)  Today my backyard in Georgia has several lovely magnolia trees and when they bloom, I always think of my late mother and her traveling magnolia blossom.   

Last we have this story about loving flower help gone wrong. The person sharing the story decided to stay anonymous to protect the innocent (I’m kidding on that but it sounds good.) Anyway, this proves it’s good to have a little flower knowledge before you try to show your love by helping someone with their flowerbeds.

The following story truly happened to me over 20 years ago, but it still feels as if it was yesterday. It is that vibrant in my mind!! After reading it, you will understand why.

My Husband and I had finally bought the house of our dreams. After living there a year, and seeing what the habitat was like, I decided to purchase some bulbs on line, and plant them, so I won’t have to worry about going through the trouble every year. It’s not out of laziness, but more out of necessity, since my health issues prevent me from doing work like this to begin with. The bulbs came, and I was thrilled!! I took my time, and within a week I got all 57 bulbs planted in different areas around my yard. When they came up and blossomed, I was so excited, and showed my Husband, letting him know what they were. In the blink of an eye, Winter was here, then it was time for Spring again, and I wasn’t seeing any green shoots where I had worked so hard the year before. I mentioned to my Husband that I thought it was odd, and he told me he did me a favor and pulled up the plants when they got done blooming, the year before!! I could have killed him on the spot!! All of that hard work for nothing!! He got a piece of my mind, and from then on, was given a REAL crash course on gardening!! He never touched another plant without permission again!!

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Such fun. And flowers are a beautiful way to show love for each other. Wishing you sunshine and rain to make those flowers grow and beautiful memories of the flowers you’ve grown with family and friends.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ruby Henson

    My grandmother loved her flowers and spider legs and hollyhock were two of her favorites. The mother of 15 children and caretaker of a very large garden to feed everyone she did not have much time to work in the flowers. I can still hear her say ” We have time. Let’s go work in the blossoms.”

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      Ann H Gabhart

      What sweet memories. Somehow she made time for flowers. I have to say I can’t imagine having fifteen kids. I’m guessing she had a lot of grandkids to share time with. I like that “Let’s go work in the blossoms.” I need to remember that for a story, Ruby. Thanks for sharing.

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