The Mystery Continues with a New Mystery Picture

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“Oh how I’ve missed you, Hidden Springs! That warm feeling when you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and just know that you’re going to enjoy your time together. That’s how I felt when I found this book in my mailbox. Once again we are transported to the small town of Hidden Springs and the cast of characters that call this town home.” (Read the whole review here.)

That’s a great start to a review. Thanks, Rick. Right after a book is first out for readers, reviews start showing up online. Sometimes as an author, I’m almost afraid to look because it can be a mystery what readers are going to think. What usually happens is that some people love your story and some people don’t. What I have to hope for is a big percentage on the love my story side and only a few on the don’t love the story side. So far Murder Is No Accident is doing pretty good in the percentages. Rick who wrote the review above from a man’s perspective shared a link to his review on my Facebook page. I try to always read the reviews of my books that my Facebook friends share with me. After all, they’ve taken the time to write out their thoughts and if you’ve ever tried to write a review of a book, you know it’s not that easy to sum up the story and how you felt about it in a few paragraphs. It’s good not to share any spoilers or to tell too much about what happens in the story. That’s especially important with mysteries.

But back to the mysteries here on my blog posts the last couple of weeks. I love reading your guesses about my mystery photos. Some of you are so good at figuring out what they are or coming up with really unique guesses. What a gift our imaginations are to us! Just think about what God might have said when He started assembling all of us. “Hmm, I’ll give them each the ability to think, to make choices, and I’ll stir in some wonder. Oh, and for fun, I’ll let them be able to imagine and dream up the most amazing things. No robots for Me. I want children who aren’t afraid to try their wings.”

That’s just my crazy imagination going to work. I did enjoy all your guesses. Most all of you realized it was some sort of plant. After all, it was pretty green although Emily, perhaps in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, did say maybe it was pasta. My daughter made green bread last year on St. Patrick’s Day. Very green bread. Some of you thought about terraniums. That was a good guess. Linda saw fish and Ola wondered about hummingbirds. That was because of those little red things. Christmas cactus was a good guess too. I like Christmas cactus, but I’ve killed every one I ever had. Mom’s were always gorgeous, but she had a green thumb.

So here’s the rest of the picture. It’s moss growing on a rock on the ground along one of my walking paths. I had no idea those little red blooms were hidden down in the moss until I made the mystery picture Wednesday.

Now, up top, is the new mystery picture. Have no idea if this one will be easy or hard. Remember, it’s more fun to guess before you read everybody else’s guesses, but then it is fun to see what else has been guessed. Each time you guess on a new picture, you get another entry in the drawing to perhaps win your choice of one of my books. I’ll pick three winners next Sunday, March 26th, so you’ll have this picture to guess and then one more mystery picture on Wednesday. You must be 18 to take part in the giveaway, but it’s fair to ask your kids to help you guess. But win or lose, it’s fun to use those imaginations the good Lord gave us.

As always thanks for reading.



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  1. Amy Bateman

    I’m pretty sure that’s the underside of a manta ray. Our local zoo has an amazing shark tunnel and we’ve spent many hours sitting in the watching the rays, turtles, sharks and fish swimming around. They also have a large touch tank exhibit with all kinds of rays and horseshoe crabs swimming by. That’s a fun spot to visit, too. Who am I kidding, I love all of our zoo! It’s widely considered one of the best in the world.

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      Since I am about to reveal the rest of the picture, I’ll admit that you are very, very close to being right, Amy. The picture was taken in an aquarium and it is neat watching those fish and more float over your head in one of those shark tunnels. Maybe it’s time for me to go to the zoo again.

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