What are Your Everyday Blessings?

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Granddaughters and Oscar

“Blessings only come to those who notice.”

We have a thanksgiving and praise time every week at our little church where we can mention reasons we are thankful. The reasons don’t have to be something big or fantastic. They can simply be eveiphone pictures ending August 2013 483ryday blessings remembered by a grateful heart. A recent list mentioned children and someone giving someone a ride to church. Sometimes we’re thankful to see the sunshine and sometimes we’re thankful for the rain. We’ve even had some who are thankful for the snow. We like it when our young people speak up and say they are thankful for God or for their parents. And one little girl last Sunday said she was thankful for everybody! The best part is that she meant it. That little one always has a smile for whoever she meets at church.

An unthankful heart is like a finger trying to sift the sand for iron–it doesn’t discover God’s mercies. But a thankful heart, just like the magnet, sweeps through life’s circumstances and finds daily blessings from God.   (Ellen Banks Elwell)

It is November, the official month to count our blessings. We can iphone pictures ending August 2013 693number those blessings every day of the year, but Thanksgiving reminds us to pay attention to our blessings. So I’ll get in the thanksgiving spirit and name a few reasons I feel blessed this month and every month. I’m thankful for grandgirls who love my dog, Oscar. I’m thankful for grandboys smiling and for rocking chairs, especially this one that my son built himself. I’m thankful for young students who do their homework and want to learn at school.

I’m thankful for thiphone pictures ending August 2013 043at first flower in the spring and the last flower of the fall. I’m thankful I can still walk out on our farm and enjoy the beauties of nature.

And I’m thankful for the stories I’ve been able to write. I’m thankful some of those stories became books. I’m thankful for each and every person who has picked up one of my books and given the story a try. I’m thankful the internet has made the world smaller so I can have friends like you from right next door and from all over the country and even across oceans. It makes it easier for us count our blessings that way and to share them with each other.

That’s just naming a few of the everyday blessings of life. There are many more. God and family. Church and the Bible. Shelter and food. Good health and prayers. New babies and old grandparents. Love and Forgiveness.

What are some of your blessings?

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.  (Native American Proverb)

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  1. Sandi Keaton-Wilson

    First, I am thankful for my heavenly Father and His Son, for my son and grandchildren, family and friends ~ those ever important people who make life worth living. I am thankful for our changing seasons, scenes of nature that are fresh and new each time they make their yearly appearance! At 60 years of age, I am still excited and find joy unique to the particular season we’re in. April and October are my favorite months for nature’s array. And then, of course, that first snow and the last…

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      Beautiful reasons for thanksgiving, Sandi. Thanks for sharing them with us. It’s good to be able to see the joy in the day no matter what our age. And in the seasons. What a blessing to be a Christian with a loving family!

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