The Sights You Can See

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Do you like to go walking to see what you may see? I’ve loved to go walking ever since I was a kid. I had a special little woods that I claimed as my very own after I was old enough to go exploring on our farm by myself. I took mental pictures of the trees and the path down to the creek. I would sit by that creek and dream of what used to be and what might be in the days ahead. But the best thing about walking was spotting new things.

All those years ago, I couldn’t take many pictures since film wasn’t cheap and neither was picture processing. Things have changed since then. Now I can take a picture of anything and everything I find interesting and see it immediately on my phone. Even better, I can share those pictures with internet friends. I’m like “hey, look what I saw today.” Maybe cows stopping to stare at me. Sometimes you have to wonder what cows are thinking. Donkeys and horses too.

Then there are the sights that just pop up wherever. Sometimes right on my window while I’m trying to come up with a new story. A big spooky spider just in time for Halloween. At least it was on the other side of my window!

I love it when I spot something a bit different. Something like a blue-tailed skink doing its best to catch all the mosquitoes around my house. Actually it’s an American five-lined skink. The young skinks have the distinctive blue tail.

Fun pictures are everywhere and I do enjoy sharing those pictures. Thanks for going along with me to see what I see on my walks and when the kids come visiting.



So did the snake and spider pictures freak you out? Then just look at the kids having fun in the leaves. As always thanks for reading.

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