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“You must grow like a tree, not like a mushroom.” (Janet Erskine Stuart)

And so the mystery photo game is nearing an end. You guys have been great fun this time and good sports about the challenging photos I’ve found to snip a bit out of to see if you can guess. This is the last one this game. I’m sure we’ll do it again. Maybe in September when my new book, These Healing Hills releases. You can check out my News & Events Page to see how you can pre-order it if you’re interested. I’m super excited about readers heading to the mountains with me in this book.

But back to the mystery photos. You all had some very interesting guesses. Nothing wrong with your imaginations! First, I do believe we have some chocolate lovers out there like Doris who guessed chocolate frosting or soft ice cream. Jeanne was seeing a swirled chocolate ice cream cone too. April and Brenda thought chocolate icing too. But no chocolate for Evelyn. She saw sliced ham. I loved Connie’s teabag guess. Could have been, but it wasn’t. Melissa and Pat said vacuum filters. Robin thought coffee filters and Paula went from a filter to a seed pod. Marji agreed about the seed pod. Meagan and Emily thought pleated shower curtains and Sis said a mop. Oh yeah, and Sis saw an angel flying around in that shadowy blue line. I didn’t see the angel though I did try, Sis. I promise. Lisa said an old paper fan and Melissa said paper mini blinds. Both great guesses. Wrong, but great guesses nevertheless. Cheri said a flower. Linda covered a lot of bases and said a plant but she did notice that blue stripe Sis turned into an angel. Maybe that’s what had Kathleen saying ribbon. Only two of you, Margaret and Ola, guessed what I thought you might and that was the  curled pages of an old book.

Amy got close with fungus on a tree and Nyla Kay and Virginia got it right when they said mushroom. If you mushroom watch, you know you can see mushrooms go through some interesting stages. This one was in one of those stages. With all the rain we’ve had this spring, mushrooms were sprouting all around. Some are here today and gone tomorrow. Others stick (literally) around a little longer. So yes, here’s the rest of the picture. A mushroom beginning to curl away.

So now one more mystery picture before I draw the three winners after the contest deadline of midnight EST on Monday, July 3, 2017. So make your guess before then to get another entry in the drawing. No big prizes. Just winner’s choice of one of my books and a grab bag book to boot.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve had fun playing my mystery photo game. Compliments to you all on your wonderful imaginations. Now what can you imagine the new picture being?

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. (James Paolinetti)





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    Ann H Gabhart

    Love all the great guesses while I was away from the computer today while my grandkids were here. They love playing computer games on rainy days so they take over my computer. We did finally get out to the garden between showers to tie up the tomatoes and pick a few blackberries. Then we played a card game, but no time for computer stuff for me. And no problem. I will announce the winners on my blog tomorrow night, but I will try to send the winners an e-mail before that. And no, Virginia, I haven’t shown the rest of the picture yet. I’ll do that Wednesday. Gotta make you wait a little.

    On to the guesses. Ola, I’m glad I stumped you, but I’m more glad you’ve played my game. While I’m not revealing the answer until tomorrow night, I will say food it is not.

    April, Diana & Nyla – I love pastries and cinnamon ones are my favorite. Would I have taken a picture before I chowed down. Hmm, a possibility.

    Virginia, you’re thinking some yummy food too although I’ll pass on the rhubarb pie. Blueberry sounds much more delicious. And Shirley B, love that cake with blue icing. Did you ever eat a cake with blue icing? Trust me, it’ll turn your tongue blue. 🙂

    Susan D, at least you put some variety into the guesses and quilt or blanket is not a bad guess. That’s not to say it’s right, but a good guess. And Susan, we have a Goshen group page if you’d like to join in with us. While nobody much posts on there but me, occasionally somebody reports something or asks for prayers for someone with a special need. So fun to hear from you. Hope all is well for you right now.

    Susan H and Linda Mc, more variety in the guesses. There are a lot of different looking gourds. This could be one of them or maybe not.

    Phyllis, love that acorn guess. I do check out acorns from time to time. So could be you’re on the right track and could be you aren’t. Either way, you get an entry in the drawing. I’m headed over to Random Number dot org right now to pick the three winners.

  2. Linda McFarland

    I’m thinking it looks like a gourd. You are getting really tricky. I try to think what you might be thinking but not so easy! But fun!

  3. Susan Harrington

    I think it looks like a gourd of some kind. I hope you are enjoying your summer. It is always interesting to see what mystery picture is going to be next. Thank you for sharing and giving your readers the opportunity to win your awesome books. Take care.

  4. Susan Dixon

    A quilt or blanket with some sort of string tied to it. Ann I miss you and Darrell and everyone at Goshen. Hope everyone is doing well. Email me I would love to catch up with!!

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