All Good Things Come to an End

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ACFW Book Display And so my August Sunday giveaways come to an end. Can you believe that next Sunday is September? Time is speeding by, at least for me, as another birthday is coming my way in September. But I’m blessed to be looking forward to that day. That doesn’t mean I have to start counting up the years! Some math is just too hard to do.

I sent out a newsletter on Thursday morning before I took off for the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference. If you didn’t get a copy, let me know and I’ll see that you do. You can also sign up to receive any upcoming newsletters here on my website.

Last week’s newsletter has details about my annual Birthday Giveaway. I tried to come up with some fun prizes and of course, the winners always get their choice of one of my books. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday. Also, I’ll be checking out all your messages and responding to them next week.

Tonight I’m still chipping away at my work in progress and trying to find a few thousand more words that are extra and won’t be missed if I hit the delete key. I’ve already trimmed five thousand, but trimming generally makes a story better. When I’m writing the first draft, I can’t worry as much about a few extra words in this or that scene. But then this or that scene reads better without those extra words.

That’s the kind of thing writers learn at conferences. But the best part of the conference for me was meeting friends and making new friends. Ted Dekker was the keynote speaker and he did a great job of helping us focus on being the writers the Lord would have us be. Then I attended a couple of other workshops where the spiritual side of writing Christian fiction was the highlight.

ACFW galaOf course I liked seeing my book in the Baker Publishing Group’s display of books at the conference. Then it was fun dressing up for the Gala Dinner where they handed out awards. You should have seen all the beautiful dresses. Most of us ladies never outgrow that desire to dress up every once in a while. This is Virginia Smith and me. Ginny was a finalist for the Mentor of the Year, but none of my books made the finalist list. So no awards for me, but the authors who won had some great books. The conference gives out Genesis awards to unpublished writers and the writers who win those are so encouraged to continue writing. But I was encouraged a few times too when someone would tell me they’d read some of my stories. I’m always encouraged when I hear the same thing from you readers here. That’s the best award of all.

Oh, and guess what? My cover was the only one with a cat on it. 🙂

Sunday’s Winners

As promised, I picked two winners this week. One from those who left comments on last week’s blog posts and one picked from all those who left comments throughout my August giveaway here on my blog. I do appreciate every comment. It’s just more fun when you’re talking to me.

Pat H and Brenda were my winners. I sent the winners e-mails and Pat, who is from Kentucky, has already responded with her book pick. She wants Words Spoken True. I haven’t heard from Brenda and I still haven’t heard from Donna H., last Sunday’s winner. May have to draw a different winner if I don’t hear from her soon. (I’ve sent several messages, Donna, so if you’re reading this, check your e-mail. Could be my messages landed in your spam folder.)

Thanks for reading and now back to my word trimming!




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  1. Dana Jordan

    I just signed up for your emails and am so glad I saw your reply to Sarah Loudin Thomas post about her 13 year old skirt. I have read some of your older books but want to try something new from you soon. Enter my name in the give a ways!!!

  2. Melissa

    I really enjoy your posts. So glad you were able to attend the conference.
    What day is your birthday? Mine is September 25th. 🙂 I will be 56.

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      Mine is the 15th, Melissa, and I’ll be a lot older than you. LOL. I loved my fifties. I guess because that’s when I started getting my books published in the Christian market and met great reading friends like you.

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      Not sure word cutting can exactly be happy, Pat, but I’ll keep your kind wishes in mind. LOL. Then again, it’s good to see a whole paragraph that yeah, that can go to chip away at the too many words.

      I do feel blessed with the gift of each new year I have.

  3. Karen Jones

    That’s amazing that you have trimmed 5,000 words. I would have a problem writing 5,000 words much less trim that many, but I’m not a writer. In my book you should have been a finalist. You have my vote!

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      You know what, Karen? Your vote means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your kind words. And you might be surprised at how quickly those words can add up when a person puts her fingers on a keyboard or picks up a pencil. I just sent in this form where I had to describe my book in 300 characters. That’s not words, but letters and spaces. 300 words is not so hard, but 300 letters was very difficult for a wordy person like me. For example, I’m probably at least three lines over that in this comment.

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