He Made Everything that was Made

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dogwood April 19, 1966

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Hollyhill, Kentucky. The dogwoods are blooming in Hollyhill. I wish you were here to see them, especially the ones Miss Sally has in her yard. She has a pink one and a white one side by side. She says she bought those and planted them, but she says the ones blooming out in her woods and fence rows were planted by the Lord.

It’s kind of neat thinking about how the Lord fixed up our world. Dad says that when you really look at everything, you have to know something or rather someone great had to be in on the design. Not sure God can be called a someone, but he can be called Creator. In the beginning God.

Dad preached on that last Sunday. He says springtime is a good time to think about the world God made for us. How he made all the different wildflowers with seeds to keep them going on and on. How he made all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea. He made everything that was made. That’s what it says in John 1:3. “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

So he made the lambs and the calves. He made the jack-in-the-pulpit flowers and the dandelions. He made dogwood trees and redbud trees. He made bees and butterflies. And I guess spiders and snakes too. I can sort of see why He made them. He had to balance things out, but I’m not at all sure why he made mosquitoes, ticks or chiggers. But I’m real glad He made apple trees that bloom and dogs like Zeb and let people talk and sing and make up stories.

I don’t guess any other part of the Lord’s creation can do that. Make up stories to entertain themselves. But the Lord gave us imaginations and I think he expects us to use them. Without imagination, we wouldn’t have come up with cars and planes. We couldn’t have movies and books. We might not even have language. Did you ever wonder who came up with the first alphabet? And how? Who decided what an “a” would look like? Or sound like. And on down the line.

Wes says I’m going to strain my brain trying to figure out things like that. He says I should take the Jupiter way and just say Mr. Jupiter ordered it done. Only he says I can say the good Lord ordered it done. Now that I can believe.


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    Ann H Gabhart

    Jocie here. Neat that you read my report from Hollyhill, Karen and Doris. That’s the thing about writing for the paper or whatever. If somebody doesn’t tell you, you never know if anybody read your words or not. It’s not like when you’re out there playing softball or basketball and people are in the stands cheering you on. But everybody needs some cheering on sometimes. Especially me. Of course, I have Dad and Wes, but it’s extra neat to have you both too. Thanks.

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