No Special Gift … Just Memories

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Christmas decorationChristmas is wrapped in memories. When you get a few years added on the way I have, you have quite a few Christmases to remember. There was the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve when I was a little girl and we would go to open presents at our aunt’s house. She was like a granny to us. Years passed and I married and had my own children who looked forward to Christmas morning and presents under the tree. Many more years have passed and now it’s fun watching the grandchilSanta decorationdren at Christmas. Even the ornaments on my tree bring back memories of those Christmases past. These made by my sons when they were little boys always have a place on my tree.

And now many of my readers have shared memories of Christmases past with me when they entered my Christmas giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have time. Deadline is midnight EST on Dec. 15. I’ll announce the winners here on the 16th. See the prizes and details on my News & Events Page. Now on to some Christmas memories.

No “Special” Gift from Ann B.

I don’t have a “special” gift in mind . . just memories. It was so exciting for me and my brother and 5 sisters to remember Christmas Eves as children. My Dad used to have to work on Christmas Day so on Christmas Eve he took all 7 of us out in the car to look up in the skies for Santa and enjoy the Christmas lights. Mother always stayed at home and when we returned, “Santa” had been there. We got a toy and a couple of other small items but the real treat was the EXCITEment! This way, our Dad could enjoy the moment too! Even though we did have “Santa” in our Christmas, we knew the true meaning of Christmas as the celebration of Christ’s birth.

The Best Gifts Ever from Mary H.

My favorite gift Christmas as a child was one when we didn’t have much money so Mom and Dad spent time helping each of us make a special gift for the name we’d drawn. The best gifts ever!

Precious Memories from the Past from Judi

My grandkids cannot believe when I tell them we only received ONE present for most Christmases. I grew up on the prairies of North Dakota. My parents were hard working folks. My Dad was Swede and my Mama, Norwegian. For Christmas Eve Supper – after the cows were milked 🙂 – we had lutefisk, lefse, mashed potatoes, Swedish meat balls, a vegetable from the “cellar,” and some kind of dessert. I remember the one year my sister and I each got a doll. I kept it for many years and then the rubbery legs and arms got soft and sticky…lol. I named mine “Terry Anne” and she named hers “Mary Anne.” My grandpa’s sister lived in Chicago and when they had that big fire…many years ago, she saved 2 dolls and fixed them for us. Mine was “Marsha” and sister’s was “Debbie.” So for 2 Christmases, we each got a doll…What wonderful and precious memories from the past.

Thank you, Ann and Mary and Judi, for taking us with you on a journey back to your Christmases past. As I said at the beginning, Christmas is wrapped in memories and in love. “For God so loved the world” He sent His Son to be born in a manger.


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