Kittens Rescued by the Perfect Owners

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CatI met this beautiful cat in a store this week. She came out of to check out everyone shopping in the little pet supply store. Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?

This is the last post before I draw for the winners of the Celebration Giveaway for my upcoming mystery, Murder at the Courthouse. Since cozy mysteries often feature a cat or two and mine has a cat on the covers, I asked for cat stories with the entries. The cat stories aren’t necessary to enter the contest, but they are fun. And boy, did I ever get cat stories! It seems I have many cat lovers among you, my reading friends.

Here’s a couple more stories about lucky cats who got rescued by the very best people. Some cats must have a little cat guardian angel. First a story from Toni about her cat, Diesel. That’s been another fun thing about reading all your stories – the great names you’ve given to your cat buddies.

We have two cats.  One of our cats, Diesel, was a rescue cat.  When we picked him up from a friends farm, he was very tiny, had fleas, the vet said his growth was stunted, probably from not eating well.  He had ear mites and an eye infection.  To make things worse, we had to keep him on our screened in porch until the fleas were gone and he got acclimated to things.  I would sit out there for hours at all different times of the day.  He was so friendly and loving.  When he finally came inside, permanently as we live surrounded by woods and foxes and coyotes, he took to my husband.  To this day, he waits by the door when he hears him pull in at night, he follows him all over the house, sits on the stool next to him as my husband eats his breakfast.  Diesel is so loving.  At night, he sleeps at the foot of the bed and only comes up to us when he hears the alarm go off.  He has tolerated a new cat addition to the family, two dogs and lot of kids.  He fetches like a dog and brings it back to you.  We have never had a cat like him..  If you put your hands down to pick him up, he reaches up with his paws to be held.  We are very blessed and thankful to have such a wonderful cat!

And then there was the Mama Cat who left her baby on a doorstep. Here’s Jeanne’s story about how she came to rescue Ollie.

I’ve had so many cats (love your prizes) since I help with ferals/strays. My best rescue was when I heard this unbelievably loud noise one night. A feral mother cat that I had befriended had left this tiny kitten on my doorstep. He was very young and covered in motor oil. I later saw that the mother was covered too and I’m not sure about her other kittens that I saw later. I raised this kitten with a baby doll bottle and he turned out to be my alpha cat (Ollie). We had a very special bond. 
Thanks so much for sharing your stories, Toni and Jeanne. And thanks to all of you who have told me about your special cat friends. If you haven’t entered my contest yet, you still have time. Deadline in 12 midnight EST on Saturday, October 3, 2015. Rules and pictures of prizes can be seen by clicking on the News & Events tab at the top of the page.

As always, thanks for reading.

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