Does Your Cat Talk to You?

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Cat - JewelAre you tired of cat stories yet? I hope not. Love hearing about your unusual and unique pets. I’m still not sure some of you don’t have a dog disguised as a cat. But then surely no self-respecting dog would do that! Not even for a Scooby Snack.

Here’s a story about a beautiful, very fluffy cat and if her picture here is any indication, a cat with an attitude!! But let’s see what her owner, Sherry has to say about her.

“I have a cat story for you: my precious baby was given to me on my 21st birthday by my husband. I named her Jewel. She was a beautiful Himalayan Lynx Persia mix. She had the most beautiful blue eyes like sapphire jewels. She was totally my cat and would not have anything to do with my husband. She was an indoor cat who had no desire to go outside. Each day she would greet me at the door and tell me all about her day. It seemed sometimes that she would never hush. She followed me all over the house each step I made – even to the bathroom. She would sit on the tub or the commode whichever one I was not using. The only time she was not with me was while I used the vacuum cleaner. She could not stand that machine and I really can’t blame her as I don’t like it either. She slept each night in the bookcase headboard of my bed with her two front paws touching my head. I was naive enough to think she stayed there all night, but in any case she was always in her spot when the morning alarm went off. Then she would get up and lay on my chest for me to pet her and talk to her. Somehow I became allergic to everything including my cat and I had to find her a new home. She was so special and I miss her so much. If I could go back, I think I would just suffer the allergies and keep her. Her example of unconditional love for me is the same love we are shown by our wonderful savior, Jesus Christ. He wants to be included in every step of our lives if we will allow him to be. His unconditional love and blessings are a free gift available to us all. Thanks for letting me share.”

Beautiful story, Sherry, and a great analogy of how Jesus has such great love for us. Sometimes we feel unlovable, but we need to remember that God is love. He can make anything and anybody lovable. But we’re all sorry you became allergic to Jewel. She probably missed you forever but also found another human to love and get to do her bidding.

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  1. peggy clayton

    Wow I am so glad that you are doing cat stories I love cats but have the 2 girls and especially the puppy she wouldn’t take to a cat now. We do go down and visit the neighbors cats . He had alot of outdoor cats so we would take them leftovers especially fish well deedee just loved it as some of them were kittens and she is just a mommy. Well he got the adults fixed and they all took off. Now he has 3 cats and a litter of kittens the adults again showed up on his doorstep and then had the kittens in a little house we gave him. So now Deedee ,Daisy and dad go down and visit them every Sunday that is their time with dad I don’t go anymore as I want one so bad but have enough on my plate training Daisy.

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      Ann H Gabhart

      Shh, don’t tell Oscar I’m giving all this space to cats. LOL. But the cat stories have been fun. Sometimes I think cat lovers are a breed of their own. They get scratched and they smile and say “bad kitty” and then feed the cat extra tuna or something. But I’m also getting stories about some very loving cats too. Maybe a cat will be in your future when the girls are a little older and the puppy is a laid-back dog. Thanks for chiming in here, Peggy.

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