From South Africa with Love – A True Life Love Story

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Don’t you just love a great love story?

You all know how much I enjoy how you share your stories with me when I have a contest of some kind. Your stories make me the big winner in those contests. (I’ll be having a birthday contest soon.) I enjoy hearing from you in between contests too and I’m always glad when you join the conversation here or on my Facebook author page. You make things more fun.

Sometimes I’m gifted with a sweet note from a new reader who has discovered one of my books and been touched by the story. Someone like Peggy who loved my book Angel Sister, because she loved my little Lorena who was left on the church steps.

Last week I heard from Lynette who had read my book, Small Town Girl, and liked the romantic moments in it between Kate and Jay. When I wrote her back thanking her for her note, she shared her own real life romance and agreed to let me share it with you. Sometimes the true love stories are the best of all. Here, in her own words, is Lynette’s story.

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July, although we met when I was fourteen and he was fifteen. We went to the same high school in South Africa. There were four of us girls who really wanted to learn some ballroom dances. So three of the other girls knew some boys who said they would go with us. (I think they didn’t really want to learn to dance, but agreed so they would have a way to get to know us better.) My dance partner was actually the best man on our wedding day, and Francois danced with one of the other girls. But after a few weeks of dance class, Francois started sitting next to me in the car on our way to dance class, and he would do all those annoying things boys would do, like hiding my dance shoes. (smile) We were really good friends. Laughed and played a lot, and on my 15th birthday, he told me for the first time (very shyly) he loves me, and then gave me my very first kiss.

Soon after that my family moved to the states. California. (That was a really difficult for me. The only thing I wanted to do was go back to South Africa.) After three years and finishing high school in the states, I did go back to South Africa for a six week holiday. One of my friends reminded me of Francois, and told me he was working at a restaurant close by. We stopped to say hi, but his friend told me he wasn’t working till the evening. But I think the best thing and also very strange to my ears at that time was his friend told me that he and Francois were talking about me just a few weeks earlier, and that Francois told him I was the girl he was going to marry ……ONE DAY. (smile)

So I left my number, and Francois called me back the next day. We saw one another three times (small dates), and then I had to get back on the plane for the states. But I convinced my parents it would be less expensive to study in South Africa. So I went back for a few years, and we got married after dating for four years. We lived separately till the day we got married, and now we are blessed with our two beautiful little girls. And now you know why I love…….A SMALL TOWN GIRL……. cause I LOVE my story.

Globe USA & AfricaAfter getting married in South Africa, we celebrated our first anniversary and then I packed four suitcases, took his hand and got on the plane to move to the states. What an adventure it has been, and just by telling you all about it gets me excited for the future! Our Lord has a wonderful plan and I admire the way only HE could have brought Francios and I back together from different places in the world.

Never give up on HIS love for us.

Beautiful story, Lynette, and great advice. The Lord does love us and want us to have happy futures. Thank you so much for sharing your love story here on One Writer’s Journal. While not as dramatic as Lynette’s, maybe someday I’ll share my love story here.

Thanks for reading, everybody. I think Lynette will come over and read her story here, so let her know if you enjoyed her true life love story.

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