And the Winners Are

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I picked the winners by random number for my Honor Mom Contest Giveaway. I do so appreciate all of you who joined in with my giveaway fun. I enjoyed hearing from you and loved all your Mom stories. Sometimes I wonder what Mom stories my own children might someday tell about me. Not sure I want to hear them!!
I can’t share all the wonderful stories I received, but I did read each and every one. Some made me smile. Some made me wipe away a tear. Thank you for sharing about your mothers and about yourselves as mothers. 
I think it’s kind of neat that I started the contest on Mother’s Day and now I’m ending it on my mother-in-law’s birthday. She was such a sweet lady and always ready to smile. She loved her family so much. She’s been gone on for over ten years now, but when my husband and his brothers and sister get together they tell Mama stories that make them smile and remember just the way you all have told me in the last couple of weeks. 
Yellow Roses
So let’s see some of those stories. First from Judy who always wanted to do things to make her mother happy. 
Money was always tight growing up & still is. There were so
many things I would have liked to have done for my mom. Whenever I would do
something for her, she would tell me to save my money. I shouldn’t spend it on
her; I might need it. Yellow roses were her favorite & were a luxury for
her. I would try to send them to her not only for Mother’s Day but for her
birthday when I could. Throughout the years I would try to send little
surprises to her just to let her know I was thinking of her. I used to save the
books I had read and mail them to her so she could enjoy them as well.
Mama’s Hands
And now Diana tells about all the things her mother did to keep her childhood safe and happy. We do have to always appreciate Mama’s hands.

Growing up as a kid I don’t think you see everything that goes on in a family to keep it going. Now looking back as an adult and a mother myself I see life so much different. My mom worked from the time she got up by the rooster crow till she went to bed at night to the sound of the crickets. She did everything from cleaning to cooking and keeping our clothes clean by washing them by the old ringer washer and her dryer was the great outdoors even in the winter. That wasn’t her only job. She would leave early and go work for a cleaners and put in 8 hours a day there working in a hot box doing laundry for hospitals and businesses. She’d come home and then prepare the dinner for the evening and clean up after 6 kids. Read the Bible to us before bed. She was a hard worker. I look at her today and she is getting where she can’t get around now. I look at her hands getting crippled up. The hands that loved us and the hands that corrected us. Her hands did a lot in raising us. I am very thankful for my mother. God’s gift is a wonderful mother and I got one.

And Then the Lilac Bush Bloomed
Here’s a beautiful story from Jennifer. The Lord sometimes give us special gifts simply because He loves us.
My Mom passed away on a day in June after more than 14
years of battling Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer). She was a
 Principal in an elementary school. My Mom stated just days before
her death that all she wanted to do was help people and she hoped that she had
done so. For me – I am not sure that I have a favorite Mother’s Day as my
Mom tried to make everyday special even when she was struggling with her
disease. What is interesting is that my Mom loved to garden and we had
lilac bushes in our yard that had never bloomed – we have lived in this house
for more than thirty years – yet when my Mom came home for hospice the lilac
bushes all suddenly bloomed. This fact made my Mom incredibly
Making a Mama Smile
Rhonda shares this smile with us about her Mother’s Day. 
Last night my 21 year old son took me to dinner and paid…lol. Love that he is independent now.
Drum Roll Please – The Winners Are…

And now my winners. Terri R. and Kim R. Must have been a lucky day for R names. I’ve sent e-mails but haven’t heard back from either winner yet. Also, I picked a couple of “just because” winners. Debbie V who recently lost her house to fire and Nancy V (now it’s the V names!). I drew for a winner just from those of you who commented here on my blog. I do so appreciate each and every one of you who read my blog and make comments. But Nancy Vance, you didn’t leave a way to contact you. So, if you’ll send me a message at annhgabhart(at)yahoo(dot)com, I’ll get in touch. Or you can leave your e-mail here.
Thanks again, everyone, for joining in my giveaway fun. My new book, The Innocent, is about to hit the stores. So we’ll do some more celebrating with giveaways soon. Stay tuned.

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      Ann H Gabhart

      I chose the winners by random drawing and these ladies didn't have their number comes up. So these sweet storytellers didn't get any prizes but I did very much appreciate them sharing their stories.

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