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Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown

Missing Mom

I’m missing my mother today on my first ever Mother’s Day without her. As most of you know, Mom went home to be with the Lord in July last year. She had walked a tough path of dementia the last few years of her life. But today I’m missing her smile. Mom enjoyed life. She loved her family and took joy in her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She had so much love in her heart as most mothers do. So I hunted up a couple of pictures showing her with lots of smiles. 

Honor Mom Giveaway Contest

To honor Mom’s memory this month, I’m having an Honor Mom Giveway Contest. I sent out the details of the giveaway in a newsletter yesterday. (If you didn’t get it, but would like to, you can let me know and I’ll add you to my e-mail newsletter list.) 

1st Prize

1st prize in the contest is a beautiful New King James study Bible. What mother wouldn’t like that or wouldn’t like for you to win that? That winner will also get his or her choice of one of my autographed books. 

2nd Prize

2nd prize is an autographed set of my Rosey Corner books, Angel Sister, Small Town Girl, and Love Comes Home. I picked those as a prize since Mom and all the stories she told me about growing up during the Great Depression were the inspiration for Angel Sister. Some of you may already have the books or have already read the stories, but I’m sure you have a reading friend who might enjoy the stories too should you win. 

To Enter

To enter you can send me an e-mail at annhgabhart(at)hughes(dot)net or leave a comment here on one of my blog posts in May with a way to contact you should you be a lucky winner. The deadline for entries is midnight EST on May 30, 2015. The contest is open to USA and Canada. (Sorry, international readers, but that Bible is heavy.) Also, you must be 18 to enter. 

If you want, you can share a favorite Mother’s Day memory with me. That’s not necessary to enter, but we always have fun sharing stories here. 

A Mother’s Day Story

Some of you have already entered and shared some stories. This one from Janet made me reach for the tissue box.

“My first Mother’s Day without Mama
was 2 years ago. 
As you said, you knew your Mom loved you even though she couldn’t
say it.
My Mother who also had Dementia fell 2 days before she died. I
went into the ER room and told the doctor she was my Mom. As soon as my mother
heard my voice, she said, “Is that Janet”? I had not heard Mama say
my name in 3 years. She knew I was her daughter but she didn’t know my 2
sisters. She only knew them as very nice ladies who were taking care of her.
My favorite Mother’s Day memory is being with her at the church
she went to. She would see me sitting in the pew and her face would just light
Oh, how I miss that!
I better go blow my nose and wipe my eyes. It’s hard to type and
cry at the same time.”

Thank you for sharing that with us, Janet. That had to be a heart gift to you to have your mother speak your name.
Thanks, everyone, for reading. 


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  1. Anonymous

    I never got to have many Mother's days with my mother. You see I married just a week after I turned 16. Then my asthma turned real bad and doctor suggested we move. We never got to go places except our one vacation so was when we got to see our parents. My husband never made enough money to go between. I remember a special one when we were living in Kansas and she got to visit us. My dad was gone by then. It was at Mother's day time and we went shopping and bought matching dresses and got to go to my church together. Very special. My Joe took our picture and I still love to look at it., my precious mother and me.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      What a sweet story, Maxie. I can almost see you both going to church in those matching dresses. Your precious mother and you. I'm guessing you exchanged lots of letters sharing your lives with one another.

  2. Nancy Lohr

    My daughter and I followed a Facebook discussion last week, the point of which was that the older mothers have hijacked the holiday and turned it into Matriarch's Day. [stomp foot and whine here] I was surprised by the almost unanimous agreement, but also the sense of entitlement that seemed to strip their own mothers of biblical honor. My daughter and I discussed this, and I said that if I was guilty of this, please forgive me. She said if she was guilty of dismissing my worth to her and the next generation, please forgive her. Made for a sweet and biblical discussion. I am a blessed mother and grandmother. I would love that NKJV study Bible, but I promise not to covet it.


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      Ann H Gabhart

      I must have missed that Facebook discussion which is just as well. I think all moms deserve good times on Mother's Day. I love those older mothers. I had one and I am one. But I love those younger mothers too. Sounds as if you and your daughter have the right kind of relationship. And NKJV study Bible is beautiful. I almost gave it to myself as a prize. LOL. But then I remembered how much I really like my reading friends and that's why I bought it to have as a giveaway prize.

  3. Melanie Backus

    I am very blessed to have my mother with me. She is 82 years old and for the past six months she has suffered terrible back and leg pain. She went through a back surgery in December but is still having a great deal of leg pain. I pray that her pain subsides soon. It is hard for all of us to know she is in pain,

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      My mom had a lot of back issues from osteoarthritis too, Melanie. I wonder sometimes how much the pain pills she had to take contributed to her dementia. But she needed pain relief. I hope your mother finds a good way to control her pain.

  4. Lisa Bragg

    Yesterday was a hard Mother's Day, my mother and mother-in-law have both had to be moved to the nursing home this year so we got to go see them, but not in their own homes, plus my daughter lost her baby this year, but God sends new blessings also, my oldest daughter is expecting a new baby any day now.So this year we smiled through the tears and appreciated the time we had with one another all the more.I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Ann.

    1. Post
      Ann H Gabhart

      You did have a rough Mother's Day. I'd think especially your daughter with the loss of her baby. So sad for her and all of you. The nursing homes are hard too since it signals the loss of so much for your mother and mother-in-law. We want to be the giving mother with kids around our tables as long as possible. May your daughter have a easy time birthing her baby and may love surround you all.

  5. Nancy Vance

    I was thinking of my mom yesterday, too. She died in 2009, but it seems I miss her more and more as time passes. I definitely like life better with my mom in it! Thanks for such a nice giveaway…the winners are in for a real treat!

    1. Post

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