Consider the Donkey

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IMeet my neighbor donkeys. Hannah and Joseph. Aren’t they cute? Have you met any donkeys? These are shy little guys or maybe simply stand-offish. Or maybe they always simply know I don’t have treats with me. 🙂
As some of you know, I just got back from a writers retreat where my agents had arranged speakers to encourage and inspire us to be better writers and people.
The first speaker was Gari Meachum who gave an inspiring testimony talk where she said a preacher had once given her the spiritual advice to be a donkey. It took her a while to wrap her mind around that idea but when she began thinking about Bible donkeys, things came clearer. 
Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem. A donkey may have been in the stable when Jesus was born. A donkey carried Jesus into Jerusalem before the Last Supper. 
What a useful little animal. A beast of burden. A farm animal that earns his hay. A worker. So perhaps it would be good for us to consider the donkey and be glad when we can earn our hay and be blessed with the ability and desire to do the work The Lord has given us to do. 
As always, thanks for reading.