1 in 8 – The C Word

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Turns out I’m the 1 in 8. A couple of weeks ago I heard the “c” word no one wants to hear. This week I’ll have surgery to remove a cancerous lump from my breast. The lump is very small and the possibility of a complete cure is very good. But I’m still 1 in 8. 

My mother had breast cancer when she was a couple of years older than I am now. And yes, that’s definitely a risk factor and the reason I’ve always been diligent about doing mammograms – at least until Mother needed someone to stay with her all the time. Then there was never enough time for all I needed to do with her care and my writing deadlines and …. well, you know, everything I wanted to do. 
I put off the mammograms for three years. Not a wise decision. So I feel blessed that the lump is small and that my delay in getting a mammogram may not have mattered. It probably wouldn’t have shown up last year anyway. But the mammogram did show up a lump when I went for what I thought would be a routine test after Mom died. Further tests confirmed the diagnosis. And now on to surgery and radiation treatments. Not something I’m looking forward to, but something I know some of you have already faced. You may have faced even more drastic treatments.

There’s a young woman I know in our community now who is taking her second round of chemo. Another dear writer friend, Judy Sliger, just passed away after a heroic fight with cancer. Not breast cancer, but ovarian cancer. She did years of chemo and was ever a spiritual light to her friends. She wrote a book, Take Heart, Prayers for the Terminally Ill. (See it on Amazon.) I just got my copy in the mail and the next day hear that she’s gone on to heaven.  

Since my diagnosis, I have been humbled by the many people who are praying for me. What a special gift to give me! Their time, their moments with the Lord. I know you will be praying for me too and I thank you in advance. 

Kaelyn and me

You may remember my blog posts a couple of years ago about my great-niece, Kaelyn when she got to have her no more chemo party at St Jude after three years of chemo treatments to fight the leukemia that was trying to steal this beautiful child from us. She was diagnosed when she was five and she was covered with many prayers. Some of you prayed for her too. She’s ten now. A couple of weeks ago I saw her when we went to a revival service her father was preaching. The first thing she said to me was “Aunt Ann, did you hear the news? I’m cured.” St. Jude had given her that news a couple of weeks before when she went for a check-up. Now that’s the “c” word we all want to hear. And one I expect to hear in due time. 

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