A Bee and a Winner

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I finally stumped some of you with my mystery picture. Last Sunday, most of you got the polar bear underwater right away, but this little bee had some of you coming up with great guesses that were fun but not exactly right. Linda and Danie had the sharpest eyes, although Linda thought the bee was on a sunflower. The most popular answer was an eye of something and I thought when I posted it that it sort of looked like an eye. You think that might be to scare away birds? You know, like this “eye” is watching you. Butterflies and caterpillars sometimes have eye protective markings. 

On to the guesses. Amy guessed eye of a chick. Lisa said a bird eye and Belinda said a bug’s eye. Ola said eye of a bee, so she was sort of right. Nancee and Juanita used a little more imagination. Nancee said it looked like the eye of an animal reflecting a shadow of a bird and Juanita thought it might be a bunny’s eye reflecting the sky. Great vision there, ladies. 

But they weren’t the only ones seeing a little more. Judy thought there might be a dove or an angel above a bear head. I looked for that, but I guess I didn’t have my angel eyes on. 🙂 I loved Loretta’s very sure answer of a bird’s head. Patricia made me smile when she said it was Oscar’s nose. I did have a mystery photo of part of Oscar’s nose in one of my previous contests.

Britney thought it might be a chipmunk. Maxie came up with a moon peeking through something furry. Judy thought it might be a koala bear if it wasn’t a stuffed animal. Melanie, Susan and RW also went for the stuffed animal. It does sort of look like a teddy bear. Faye laughed about her guess of something giving birth. She knew that wasn’t it, but that was her first thought and then she was seeing a zipper somewhere. You know, if you had very many babies, a zipper would make sense. Right, Faye? LOL. I really liked Sue’s different guess. While everybody else is thinking animals, Sue is thinking M & M cookies. 

I’m sure you can tell I was glad you didn’t all guess right. Made the game more fun. Maybe I can be just a little bit mysterious after all! Besides, the guess didn’t have to be right in order to enter the drawing, so all of you were entered. Some of you twice if you guessed on both pictures. 

And the winner is….

Elaine J wins Karen Kingsbury’s book, The Chance and her choice of one of my books. (Elaine, I’ll be in touch to see what book you want.) Elaine guessed on the polar bear picture and guessed right. Most of you guessed right on that one. 

I groaned a little when I looked at the first guess on my fuzzy little bee when Danie, right off, knew it was a bee. I was thinking, oh no, they’re all going to get this one too. And after I pestered that bee until it’s a wonder I didn’t get stung. Then the fun began. I hope your guesses made you smile the way they did me. I never guess these kinds of pictures either. 

Thanks again for playing my mystery photo game. We’ll do it again soon, but whether we have mystery photos or something else, you can be sure I’ll be giving away more books and prizes soon.