Grandma Camp and Book Clubs

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Did you ever go to “grandma” camp? That’s what I call it when the grandkids come to spend a few days. We don’t worry too much about anything except food on the table at mealtimes, having plenty of Popsicles and doing something fun. One of the things we did with them this year was go fishing. I think my son had taken his twin boys fishing already but without fishing success. We picked the right day, the right pond, and the right bait. I don’t do the fishing stuff. That’s their Pa’s expertise. But I went along to enjoy seeing them and to make sure nothing but fish got hooked or fell in the water or … well, you know the drill. 

Thank goodness my other son was along to help with taking hooks out of the fish. They were catching and releasing, and as my son told his wife when she came, they weren’t fishing they were “catching.” Seven kids fishing and seven kids caught fish. Even my granddaughter who freaks at the sight of a bug, was putting worms on hooks and pulling fish out of the pond. I was amazed. But just take a look at this little guy’s face when he looked at the big fish he pulled in. He told everybody after that about his “big mouth bass.” 

They had fun. Grandma and Pa got tired but enjoyed getting to spend time with the kids. It was a rough week for us. Losing my mom last Saturday and her funeral this week. We had already planned the kids coming to stay while my son and his wife went on a business trip. Having the kids kept me hopping and didn’t leave much time for thinking. That will come. I’ll miss seeing Mom and hugging Mom, but she was ready to move on to glory. 

Another thing already planned was a visit to the Lexington Senior Citizen Book Club. I love book clubs and I like it when I’m able to visit with the club. This was a great group of readers. They read my book, Scent of Lilacs. (By the way, it’s still a free download if you haven’t grabbed it for your e-reader yet.) They had some great comments and then tried to stump me with questions about Hollyhill and Jocie and friends. It’s always interesting to hear what other people think about the stories that I write. Are you part of a book club? I’d love to hear from you if you are. 

And it will be fun to know what memories you have of “grandma” camps when you were a kid or maybe you’re the grandma making fun sleepovers for your grandkids. Share a story if you want. I love getting your comments here too.

Wednesday I may come up with another mystery picture contest. Meanwhile, if you’re a member of the Book Club Network, you can come check out Revell Books giveaway there. 5 copies of Love Comes Home and 5 copies of several other authors’ books too. Revell’s Facebook page featured Love Comes Home on their Fiction Friday. If you see this before 10:30 a.m. Monday you can still hop over to their page and leave a comment to be in that drawing. 

Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to tell me about your memories of “grandma” camp.