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“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” 
That’s what I am with this blog post – late like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. But this weekend was a time when I was rushing around like that white rabbit trying to do everything and then some. That’s when I should listen to this following good advice.  
“I’ve learned the Lord didn’t do it all in
one day…so what makes me think I can?”

But wow, what a weekend! My daughter and son-in-law came home and so we decided to have a big gathering to celebrate my husband’s birthday month. When you get our age, you have to make the birthday celebrations last. So we invited the family and laid in the food. Kroger did some of the cooking and two people brought homemade ice cream – peach and banana – and my daughter made enough brownies for an army – or for about eight grandkids. LOL. 
Of course, it rained. Every Saturday in June until last Saturday has been beautiful. The weather forecast called for numerous showers. The weather forecast was right. But it didn’t storm and we were able to run out and enjoy the day in between showers and sometimes we kept on playing even with the sprinkles coming down. 
After everybody ate and most everybody went home, I looked in the fridge and found my HUGE bowl of coleslaw. We are going to be eating coleslaw for a while. Do you ever do that? Forget to set out what you’ve fixed for a dinner or maybe that only happens after you’ve celebrated a lot of birthdays. 🙂 But in case you have done something like that when you’re entertaining extended family, share it with us so I won’t feel like the only crazy one. 
Then I already have my Hometown Book Launch for Love Comes Home scheduled for Sunday. Not the best plan after a wild Saturday that pretty much had me running out of energy. I needed some “ten hour” energy drink. But I got recharged at church and was ready to go Sunday afternoon. Or maybe all those beautiful reading friends showing up to hear me talk about my books gave me the “energy” shot I needed. Thank you so much if you were able to come to my book party. I love talking books and I love seeing reading friends too. Wish all of you could have been there. You could have joined in with this great group who laughed at the right times and didn’t go to sleep. 
As you can see in the photo, most of the people there were ladies, but there were two guys besides my grandson and son-in-law. I gave away six door prizes. Both men won one. What are the chances of that happening? One of the men told me afterwards it was because they were both preachers. I guess he thought that make their names rise to the top of the drawing basket.
Since we’re talking about drawings, remember that today is your last chance to get your name in both of my giveaways. The blog only drawing will have five winners of one of my books (winner’s choice). Enter by leaving a comment with a way to contact you – either with an e-mail address or by saying you can be contacted from my Facebook page. My website giveaway has some neat prizes along with those books. You can check out those prizes in last week’s blog and read the ways to enter on my Website Events & News Page. But deadline is tonight, June 30, 2014 at midnight EST, so hurry. Don’t be like that white rabbit and me and end up saying, “I’m late, I’m late.”  
Love hearing from you, so tell me about your busy weekends or something that went haywire when you were having a family get together.