Easter Hats on Parade

Ann H Gabhart Heart of Hollyhill

April 20, 1965

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Main Street, Hollyhill, Kentucky where if you went to church last Sunday on Easter, you’d better have been wearing a hat or something closely resembling a hat. At least that’s what Aunt Love says. 

She even told Tabitha she’d have to wear a hat although I’m not sure she was happy when Tabitha found this big floppy hat that could work as an umbrella if it rained. That’s Tabitha. Always flamboyant. But after all, she lived in California for a while. That’s bound to do something to a person. 

Aunt Love used to only wear black or deep purple hats to church, but then after she told me and Wes about something that happened way back when, she started wearing this bright red hat to church all the time. Bright red! Something like this one. Who would have ever thought that? 

You can read all about that in the book, Scent of Lilacs. By the way, somewhere in the future that book is still free for download on e-readers.

Of course we did think Zella would have to have an Easter hat that beat everybody else’s hat. And then she just went with a black pillbox hat something like President Kennedy’s wife always wore. Looked great on Jackie Kennedy. But Zella looked like she was wearing half a painted oatmeal box with a hairnet on it. 

Dad did tell us that hats weren’t a contest and that everybody looked great in their Easter hats, but you can bet the ladies at churches all around Holly County were checking out every hat that rode in on a head. I felt like a total nut wearing that white hat up top. I wanted to look good in it and all grown up, but I just looked like a butterfly net was stuck on my head. Sigh. Some people have style. Leigh, that’s Dad’s girlfriend, she says I’ll get style, but somehow I doubt it.

Hats aren’t the most important thing about Easter anyway. We need to quit worrying about who’s wearing a hat and who isn’t. The Lord rising from the grave. That’s the important part of Easter. 

But since we’re talking about hats, did you wear one on Easter? This year or any Easter?