Mystery Photos in Spring

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 “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” (Neil Armstrong)

Do you like mysteries? I like reading them. Not sure I’d actually want to be involved with one although when I was a kid I imagined being like the Hardy Boys and solving all sort of mysteries. Now I’m happy when I can solve the mystery of my missing keys or what happened to that letter I just had in my hand and laid down somewhere a minute ago. Of course, that might not be such a mystery if my desk wasn’t such a mess. 

Fun Guesses
For some of you my mystery picture wasn’t much of a mystery. For others of you, the picture had you doing some creative thinking. Love the yellow boots and sleds in the snow guesses, and you know, that snow does look like soapsuds or maybe ice in a cooler. A few of you saw a fence and bananas. Right color. Wrong object. The best wrong guess was Kristy’s idea of a book in one of those yellow plastic bags that the telephone company uses when they pitch out the new telephone books by our mailboxes. I could see that. But, as you can see in the “rest of the picture” above, those of you who said a daffodil or jonquil, as we always called them when I was growing up, in the snow were right.
Mystery Picture 2
So are you ready to do some more guessing? You’ll probably get this one right away too. Or at least some of you will. Remember, it’s more fun to guess first and read the comments second. Then you can guess if you’re right or not. A new guess gets you another entry in the drawing. Some of you didn’t leave a way to contact you with your first guess, but you need to do that if you want to be in the drawing for one of my books and another grab bag book. I’m going to pick two winners on the 19th. Remember you can write your e-mail out with yourname(at)mailprovider(dot)com or net. And if you’d rather not do that, you can always send me a message at annhgabhart(at)yahoo(dot)com. 
Spring is Springing
Here in Kentucky, spring is going to give us a little preview next week with temperatures in the sixties. Official spring is about 10 days away, but usually spring sneaks into Kentucky early. Not so much this year. However, Daylight Savings Time did show up earlier than it used to. That will make the days feel longer even though they’re still the same twenty-four hours. 
What gets you to thinking spring?   
I noticed my windows needed washing today. But I’d rather be seeing flowers to get me thinking spring instead of dirty windows. what has you thinking spring?
“No winter last forever; no spring misses its turn.” (Hal Borland)