The Staying Power of Jupiterian Fropples

Ann H Gabhart Heart of Hollyhill

February 24, 1965

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Hollyhill, Kentucky. Things have been pretty calm in Hollyhill. That’s the way it is in the winter around here. If we don’t have a big snowstorm, then nothing really happens in February. Just cold winds and days you think spring will never get here. School is extra trouble in February. Teachers must look at the calendar and decide we need to do twice the work since there are only 28 days in the month. Reports and more reports. All on boring true stuff like why Shakespeare poisoned Romeo and Juliet. Well, not really. That might be interesting. Not as interesting as one of Wes’s Jupiter stories, but not as boring as drawing the digestive track for health. Eww!

So how about another bit from that book, Summer of Joy. Last week I told you how I figured out love could be shared without it getting lost when I told Robert why I love Wes. I was still a little worried about how what Wes would do when he met his grandson. I mean, I knew he wouldn’t stop loving me, but I sort of needed to hear him tell me that. 

   I was already over being jealous of Robert. I’d lost that even before We told me that Jupiter love is stronger than ten grizzly bears, stickier than bubblegum in hair, and has the staying power of a Jupiterian fropple.

    When I laughed and asked what in the world a Jupiterian fropple was, he grinned at me and said, “Nothing in this world, for sure. A fropple is sort of like the frogs you have down here but some bigger with longer jumping legs. Fropples can hop all the way around Jupiter after eating two teeny little bugs. Never get tired. Never wear down. Never quit. Just keep hopping. Around and around.”

   “But why are they hopping around Jupiter?” Seemed like something that would be good to know.

    “Now that’s something nobody knows. Mr. Jupiter, he’s had the scientists up there on Jupiter working on it for years. They can’t figure it out. Of course, they did figure out that they could make rocket fuel from those little bugs. That’s how come I’m down here on earth. Bug juice fuel.”

    That makes me giggle thinking about it. Bug juice fuel. I’m glad that Wes loves me enough to keep telling me crazy Jupiter stories. Did you have a granddaddy or granny who told you silly stories?

     Remember about those giveaways. If you leave a comment here you might win one of the Heart of Hollyhill books. And you can visit that writer’s website to find out about her book celebration giveaway. The deadline to enter is Friday at midnight. I love the prizes. A charm bracelet and a cute little dish with a bicycle and the saying “Take Joy in the Journey.” Wow, that’s I want to do.  That’s what Wes does. All the way from Jupiter.