Scavenger Hunts and Books by the Banks

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Ever been on a Scavenger hunt? That’s where you have to find things. I used to try to think up some fun scavenger hunts for my Bible School kids. I think it’s more fun when you do clues. Like something a squirrel would love. (Lots of acorns at our church.) Or the pastor’s favorite verse. (Going to have to ask him that one.) And on and on. I was in a group once where we had teams that competed to get the items first. I remember one of the items was a sock with a hole in it. Okay, so how many of you thought about the fact that all socks have a hole in them where you stick your foot in? Not many of us rushing around to gather our items thought of that. 

When we were kids we sometimes made a different kind of scavenger hunt. We had clues. You looked where you might be in hot water and then in the teakettle or perhaps the bathtub you found the next clue and on until at the end there was the prize. Fun games that took a little thought. 

Well, I’m going to be taking part in a Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt beginning on October 18. I’ve heard about these where readers chase around to all the different blogs where they can read some new and fun things about the authors or their books. Then they gather the clues and put them together for the answer. That qualifies them for the prizes. And there are some neat prizes. One is an iPad. And then a couple of people are going to get copies of all twenty-five books. On top of those prizes, a lot of the individual blogs are offering extra prizes. I’ll be offering a choice of one of my Shaker books. 

I’ve never taken part in one of these before, but I’ve heard they’re great fun. So on October 18, not a normal blogging day for me but Scavenger Hunts are not normal times :), I’ll post an article written by my guest blogger while another writer will be posting the article I sent her. And on and on. Some great writers in the mix including several writing friends, Laura Frantz, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Lyn Cote, and Judith Miller, to name a few. I hope you’ll mark the date and come take part in the fun. 
It’s been a busy time for me this week with the edits due for my 2014 release, Love Comes Home. I had to cut over 13,000 words. My delete key stayed hot from overuse all week. I’ve had a few of your sweet people say you’d like to have those extra words. So here are a lot of them – was, just, and, that, said. Not too interesting so far, are they? lol. I did cut a few paragraphs here and there too, but I think the story is better for it. 

I’m headed up to Cincinnati to Books by the Banks this Saturday, October 12. If you’re in the area, please come out and join in the fun. And don’t leave without saying hello. I’ll be there somewhere! The organizers do a great job of having fun things for the kids and always have a full room of writers eager to talk to you. Here’s a photo I took on the way out of Cincinnati last year. My husband was driving then. I’ll be driving this year, so no pictures of the drive. But maybe I’ll get a picture with some of the other writers. Always fun to meet new writing and reading friends. For more information about events that day and the authors go to Books by the Banks.

Thanks for reading. Check back Sunday. Maybe I’ll do some of those mystery pictures and let you guess to enter for a chance to win a copy of the newly packaged Orchard of Hope