Hollyhill has a New Book

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, Heart of Hollyhill

October 1, 1964

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Hollyhill, Kentucky. 

Somebody has written a book about us here in Hollyhill! Again! Last year there was that book about all the things I found out in the summer, Scent of Lilacs. Now I’m finding out lots of new things in this story, Orchard of Hope. And some of it happens right here at the Hollyhill Grill. Dad wasn’t very happy with my part in that. Not because he didn’t think I was right, but because he thinks I’m too young. Dads always think you’re too young to understand big issues like the Civil Rights Movement.

Of course I know about that. I read about Martin Luther King Jr. leading a march on Washington. I just never realized things were so divided here in Hollyhill until the Hearndon family moved to Holly County and Noah Hearndon started working for Dad. Boy, did he open my eyes to things I should have known but didn’t. His mother rode on the Freedom Train, you know, and he was in the Children’s March in Birmingham. That didn’t go too well for him or his little sister, Cassidy. Then Miss Sally opened the eyes of folks at the church. Sometimes a church needs revival! And sometimes that revival starts with forgiveness. 

But I can’t giveaway the story. That wouldn’t be nice. I could. I know the story since I lived it, but you’ll just have to read it for yourself. And it’s got a cute cover. That’s me on the front. I wanted them to put a notebook and pencil on the table with me, but I guess they couldn’t find the kind of notebook I like. Narrow ruled with a blue back. But they are letting me drink my favorite milkshake. Strawberry. Yum! 

I hope if you haven’t already read my story that you’ll look for it wherever you get books. I might even look at the library to see if it’s there. Wouldn’t that be the neatest thing? To see a book about me at the library. Maybe neater would be to see a book written by me on a library shelf. That’s my dream. I love to write. I guess I could have written these Heart of Hollyhill books, but I just can’t imagine anybody wanting to read about Hollyhill. Nothing ever happens in Hollyhill. At least it didn’t till last summer. And then….

Come back next week and maybe this writer will let me give away some books. Actually this book looks familiar. I think it used to have a different cover, but I have to say I think letting me show up on the cover of the new edition is a big improvement. Don’t you?