Some Gave All – The Traveling Wall

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I’ve never been to Washington DC to see the Vietnam Wall, so when I found out the Traveling Wall was coming to a town near me, I wanted to go. I’ve researched several different wars for my historical novels but so far, the closest I’ve come to writing about the Vietnam War was in Jerry’s life testimony story, Angels at the Crossroads. Jerry didn’t go to Vietnam but being drafted led to some of the crises in his life. 

The draft and the war were very real to kids my age. Boys I went to school with went to war. My brother-in-law worked on airplanes in the Philippines. My cousin was in Vietnam. The news every night showed boys dying in the Vietnam jungles. Those boys whose names now cover that black wall. 

So many names. So many soldiers who stood up for their country and didn’t come home. As the sign said at the Wall, I touched the Wall and the Wall touched me. One of the flags had this on it. All gave some. Some gave all. 
I’m at Mom’s tonight and the Internet is down. Doing this post on my phone. Not the easiest way to type and the phone sometimes puts words in my fingers I didn’t have in my head. I did send out a newsletter this a.m. I’ll tell you all about it and my new contest on Wednesday. That will give me the chance to find the recipe for that wicked looking chocolate cake. So come back then. If you can’t wait and would like to get the newsletter now, comment with your email and I’ll send it out to you. 
But tonight I’m remembering. If you are a vet, thank you! If you have a vet in your family, thank you for your worries and prayers for him or her.