Mysteries and a Winner Revealed

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 Those mystery photos turned out to be a lot of fun for me. The guesses were very creative. Most all of you got the first photo right. But Sarah said the one thing she was sure of is that it wasn’t a fence. I guess she thought I’d be sneakier than that. Judy guessed that it was a fence and a book cover. So she was seeing “the whole picture.” It’s the picket fence on the cover of my coming Shaker Christmas novel, Christmas at Harmony Hill. That little dab of red must have given it away to Judy. 

The guesses you made for photo two were the most fun. Here’s some of them: peach, two dogs or cats lying next to one another, a purple cone flower, a horse’s back end, an elephant’s back end (somebody thought I was brave to take that photo, but I can sort of see that elephant), a cow’s tongue, and then those of you who must have been licked by plenty of dogs’ tongues and recognized Oscar’s tongue. It might have been a bit more mysterious than most dogs’ tongues because Oscar’s tongue has those black splotches. Fun guesses all and got my imagination going seeing what you were seeing. Having a hard time seeing that peach, though.  

And now the last picture. It fooled most of you, but a few of you got it right. There were some interesting guesses on this one too. Sandi guessed those buckeye shells like the photo I posted on my Facebook page not long ago. Great guess, Sandi, but wrong! It’s a walnut. One person said she could almost smell it.  Black walnut outer shells have a very strong odor. 

Two people guessed all three mystery photos. And now the winner of my drawing for a choice of one of my books –Ann M. I’ll be in contact, Ann. Tonight things are difficult as I’m at Mom’s house and the modem here decided to give up the ghost. Finishing this on my iPhone. So please forgive the centered type. I have no idea how to fix that.  
Thanks for joining in with my mystery photo fun. We’ll do it again sometime, just as soon as I go to the zoo and get those elephant pictures. 🙂