When Things Go Wrong

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

days are harder than other days. Some days we get up and whatever can go wrong
seems to be in a hurry to head down that road. I had one of those afternoons
last week. A day when everything seemed to pile on. I had a lot to do. Words
for the new story weren’t exactly spilling out. The new room was sounding good,
but promising extra work. Other extra chores showing up.

seemed to be in very short supply even though I knew the days all still had the
same amount of hours and minutes. But how was I going to fit everything into
those hours and minutes? Especially with the hours I was going to be spending
at Mom’s. And then my dog, Oscar, didn’t get out of the way of one of the
workers building our new room. The truck ran over his leg and broke
it. I was sitting with Mom when the call came, but I couldn’t leave to see about him.
Mom can’t be alone. So I had to wait until my husband could go home to check on
him a couple of hours later. Then he was off to the vet’s where Oscar has been
ever since in the doggie hospital after surgery on his back leg.

was frustrating to not be able to go see if Oscar was all right. I know he’s
only a dog, but he’s my dog and a very good dog at that. But then the afternoon
just got worse with a call that a dear friend of my sister’s had died suddenly.
Amelia was a beautiful lady that we will all miss. Perhaps Mom sensed my upset because she
became agitated and determined to go home to her childhood home because
“her mother expected her.” She didn’t know who I was and said I was
definitely “not her daughter.” She had to be married to have
daughters. Meanwhile my daughter was on the way home for a visit for the first
time since Christmas, and I was anxious to be at home to see her.
Things went from bad to worse on my stress meter when Mom’s night sitter didn’t
show up due to a mix-up. And I didn’t have her telephone number.

bad afternoon. But you know, everybody has those kinds of days. And when I
stopped having my “pity party” I knew I had plenty of blessings to
count, among them that Oscar most likely will be okay, although perhaps with a
bum leg. Mom settled down and remembered I was her daughter the next day. My daughter made it home safely. I have more weeks
to try to find the right words for my story. My grandchildren are beautiful and
healthy. I have friends who love me enough to pray for my mother, for my
sister’s friend’s family, and even for my sweet dog. Prayer makes a difference when
you’re having a bad day and makes good days better.
And Mom had a birthday yesterday that turned into a pretty good day for her. She was 93. Sometimes she even realizes that, but most of the time she isn’t happy to hear that number. She used to tell us all the time that she wanted to live to be 100, but she never imagined having dementia that was going to steal the joy out of those 100 years. But she did have some joy on her birthday. She got roses from a dear friend. She got hugs from some of her great grandchildren. She got flowers and presents and cards from us. I fixed her an Angel food cake with strawberries and she gave all the strawberries off her plate to the littlest great granddaughter who loves strawberries. We also had chocolate pie that my daughter and I made from my mother’s recipe. It was okay, but it wasn’t as good as Mom’s used to be.
But some of her family was able to come and share a little time with her. While they were here, she was almost like her old self. Loving the kids. Laughing when somebody was talking to her. Blowing out the two candles on her cake. Looking at her presents and cards that were new over and over since she didn’t remember looking at them before. A good afternoon for her and an answer to prayer.
So thank you for reading about my bad day and my good day. Please remember Amelia’s family in your prayers. Their bad day is ongoing for they will be missing their mother and grandmother and wife for a long time as many of you are still missing your grandmothers. I do have a few more grandmother stories I’m going to share in the days to come. And I’d still love to hear yours if you want to share a story. The contest for the Grandmother’s Bible is still open, so pitch your name in my hat for the drawing if you haven’t already. Just leave a comment on this blog or on Jocie’s blog or send me an e-mail from my website.