Mystery Flowers and Secret Admirers

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, Heart of Hollyhill

February 17, 1964

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Main Street, Hollyhill. Strange goings on in the newspaper office this week. 

Valentine’s Day was last Friday. The day when everybody goes bonkers for love. At least everybody but Wes and me. He says folks are just having “heart” trouble and it’s trouble he intends to stay out of. I wouldn’t mind having a box of chocolates but not if I have to put up with a boy to get them. Wes says I’ll change my mind any day now about boys since I’m thirteen, but I’m doubting it. 

But somebody in Hollyhill must be having “head” trouble. Zella got flowers. On Valentine’s Day. Zella! You know Zella. She’s the woman who has been working at the newspaper office since forever. Dad says he couldn’t get out the paper without her, but sometimes I think he should try. I admit that Zella is a whiz on the typewriter. Not only that, she can tell from the sound of the coins people drop in the dish on the counter when they come in to pick up a paper if they’re paying the full twenty-five cents. It’s on the honor system, but Zella’s stares have a way of keeping everybody honorable.

I’d have thought Zella gave herself those flowers, but I was there when the flower shop owner brought them in. She was as flustered as I’ve seen her since a mouse made a nest in her bottom desk drawer. She blamed that on Wes. Said he left the back door open too much. And she didn’t care how hot it got in the press room. Doors should be shut. I don’t think she’ll be blaming these flowers on Wes. She must have a secret admirer in Hollyhill. So I guess this proves Wes was right. There are strange things in Hollyhill. Zella having an admirer of any kind, secret or otherwise, is more than strange.

Maybe this is a mystery I need to get to the bottom of. Maybe you can help me out. Have you ever been surprised by something from a secret admirer?  

Oh, and remember to leave a comment so you can get your name in the drawing to win a copy of Scent of Lilacs. If you read that you’ll understand why I’m so surprised Zella got flowers. On Valentine’s Day!