Paper Airplanes and Homework

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I just got home from spending a couple of days with my grandkids while their parents went on a business/relaxation trip. They take this trip every year and for the past several years I’ve gone up to their house to hold down the fort. Well, last year, the kids came to my house. My husband was out of town that weekend, but I lucked out with my daughter home that weekend. This year I went there, but my husband was able to go along to help. The twin boys loved that. We had two days of back to the past. It’s been a while since our kids grew up. We’re a little rusty – no, a lot rusty – at seeing to first grade homework, bath time, packing school lunches, getting kids up and off to school and keeping the peace between siblings. They say kids keep you young, but that’s only for a few hours. After a few days, we realize we’re not as young as we used to be!! But then who is? 

It’s a funny thing about kids. The more fancy toys they have, the more they like the simple things. Like paper airplanes. The boys had a great time with the airplanes folded from a piece of paper. They’d climb halfway up their stairway and float them down into the living room. Over and over. 

Isn’t that one of the fun things about kids? They don’t get bored doing the same things over and over the way us older folks do. Kids don’t mind seeing the same movie again and again. In fact, they sometimes will watch a favorite movie until they can say the dialogue with the characters. Reruns of their cartoon shows are fine with them. They pick the same book again and again and will beg to have it read to them five times in a row. Or more. The Monster at the End of the Book Starring Sweet Loveable Grover was a favorite this week. It’s been a favorite with all the grandkids and with me too because it’s such fun to read. Each grandkid has also enjoyed reading it with great expression as soon as they learned to read.“You turned another page.”

But the paper airplanes were a big hit. The noses of the planes would get crunched and the boys would hunt a new piece of paper. No piece of art by their sisters was safe. LOL. By the time we left they had a whole fleet of airplanes, all showing signs of many crash landings. 

Did you ever make paper airplanes? Did you fold them in fancy ways or plain the way the one beside the twins on the table? Sometimes the simple folded ones fly the best or maybe that’s the only kind I can make fly. But then I can’t fly kites either.

So we had a great time with the kids and a few tiring moments in those keeping the peace times. But there’s nothing like a grandkid hug and kiss and an “I love you, Grandma.” 

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