Ready, Set, Type!

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And so 2013 has begun. Tomorrow starts the first full week. Most everybody has gone back to work and the kids are hitting the books again. Guess it’s time for this writer to start making a book again. Time to think about new characters or about how the old characters have changed as the years have passed since I’m going back to Rosey Corner. Time to think about how to make this book better than the books before. How to make it a story readers will not only want to read, but a story they will like so much that they tell their friends to read it too.

Word of mouth is still the very best advertisement a book can get. Haven’t you sometimes told someone that they should read this or that book? I certainly have. I’ve had plenty of people tell me the same. Read this. It’s great. That’s the kind of book I want to write. That’s the kind of book I’m guessing every writer wants to write.

I need to get busy figuring out my new story, or I’ll be staring at a deadline and wondering how in the world I let so much time slip past without getting the story going soon enough.

Alas, there are always reasons not to write. At least for me. Some really good reasons. My hours taking care of Mom. The grandkids. They do grow up so fast. Getting the church bulletin ready. Laundry. Cleaning. Cooking. Walking to clear my head and help me think about the new ideas. Taking pictures of the snow and icicles. (I had to get that picture in here somewhere.) Sometimes the reasons not to start typing Chapter 1 are things that need doing writing wise. History books need reading. How can I possibly write anything until I know more about the time period? Maybe I should do some research on the internet. And while I’m signed in, I might as well check Facebook to see if anybody left a comment. Or there might be a new e-mail. From my publisher. They might need something. 

They do! They need me to write a book. I need me to write a book. I want to tell a story – a new story. It won’t be easy. It never is. At least not every day. Some days the words will come hard, but they always have eventually come. And if all goes well, if all goes the way it has in the past, I’ll get to tell a new story in 2013. That’s what I do. So, ready, set, type!

What are you “ready, set, go”for in 2013?

Nancy of FL did finally get in touch and claim her 1st prize – the bookends, the autographed book, The Bridge, by Karen Kingsbury and she picked my book, Orchard of Hope. Thanks again to everyone who entered and joined in my Christmas fun. You’re the best. Plus I see I hit 100 in followers. That deserves something special. I’ll come up with a new giveway soon. Maybe one especially for you reading friends who take the time to read my on-line journal. Thanks so much.