Frogs in the Bathroom! Oh my!

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

Do you like frogs? This little fellow has some explaining to do. I was sweeping the bathroom this morning when I noticed what I thought was a gray rock on the floor under the step stool. Rocks in my house are not unusual. The grandkids are always collecting rock treasures. And I sometimes carry in rocks I find interesting. Carried one home from my walk today. So a gray rock was not a worry. That is until it started hopping! Then the rock got a little more interesting.  

For starters, how did a frog get in my bathroom? Back years ago, when we lived in an old farmhouse with lots of air holes for sneaky critters to discover, I wouldn’t have been so surprised. Snakes sometimes made it inside. Mice thought the old farmhouse was a winter hotel. Even an occasional bird showed up in a panic when it didn’t see the first tree branch to light on. Can’t remember any frogs though. 

But now I have a nice, tight brick house with doors that close all the way together. No holes in any of the corners that I know about. So how did this frog come inside? A tree frog at that. I did bring in some plants before I took off for California last week. They were warning about frost. I’ve had toads that liked making homes in my flower pots. Once I carried a big old toad about a mile away to a creek to keep him from burrowing down in my flowers over and over, but I’ve never had a tree frog make a home in a flower pot. Still, that’s what must have happened. Either that or I have a frog entrance I don’t know about. I am happy that I saw the frog in the daytime instead of the creature hopping on my foot in the middle of the night. That might have really gotten interesting.  

So I gave him his freedom. But I doubt he went to hide under these toadstools. Tell me have you ever seen a toad under a toadstool? Or a frog? How about in a bathroom? Frogs in my bathroom. Oh my!