ER Room Replay

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Well, Mom and I spent another night in the emergency room at the hospital. This time my sister went along. She’s spent a lot of hours in ERs with her husband who was continually a cranky patient, but dementia adds a whole new dimension to an ER experience – especially after a fall and they strap a confused older person to a back board with a head guard on. Mom “Just cut it off.” Me “I don’t have any scissors.” Mom “Oh, you know you do.” Same conversation with Mom wanting me to get out my knife. Thank goodness I don’t have a pocket knife or we might have been sawing on that head brace. Finally they got around to reading the X-rays. No new fractures. Halleluyah! They took off the board and head thing. Just the cut over her eye to fix. Doctor “We’ll get that fixed in a sec.” Secs are long at the ER. Some 45 minutes later Mom’s head is glued together. Now all we need is a ride back to the nursing home. People in our county kept having emergencies. No ambulances available for transport for almost two hours. My sister is getting worried about getting home before her granddaughter shows up. I’m getting worried about ever getting home period. At least Mom’s in a better mood – smiling now and when a couple of very tired paramedics do finally show, she’s thanking them. One of the guys had been on duty 23 hours. We hoped he wasn’t driving. I take my sister home. Go home myself in hopes Mom is as exhausted as me and will snooze back at the nursing home. Not! The nurse calls me after a couple of hours. Mom’s being a terror at the nursing station. So now I’m sitting with her while she sleeps. I told Mom we were going to have to find a better place to party!

I did have a better place to party yesterday. My book party was fun. I’ve got pics but not on my phone, so the party report will have to wait. I do thank all who came and all who wished they could but the road trip was too long. I appreciate you all. Please also keep in mind that phone blog posts might result in some odd phrases. Who knows what this thing thinks I’m trying to say.