Words Spoken True Touring the Net

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This is the header of one of the blogs, The Owl Bookmark Blog, that just posted a review of my new release, Words Spoken True. I thought it was such a great picture that I wanted to share it with you. I’m hoping Siobian won’t mind since I’m giving her credit. But look at the fun exploding out of the open books there. Isn’t that neat? That’s exactly what a book can do for a reader – launch him or her into an adventure or take the reader off for a ride into a different world or life. 

I really appreciate book reviewers. Of course, I want them to give my book lots of stars or ribbons or owls or whatever, but whether they do or not, I still appreciate them reading my books and sharing their opinions with friends and readers. Right now I’m seeing a lot of those opinions. You see, while I’m sitting at home here at my desk trying to dig out words for a new story, Adriane and Blake, my main characters in Words Spoken True are running around all over the internet, stopping in at first one blog and then another. I have to confess, they’re not at all bothered by anything the reviewers say, and I try to have the same attitude. They had their story to live, and I had their story to tell. I told it the best I could and now I can only hope readers will want to share the adventure. 

It’s interesting reading all the different reviews. One person will like one thing about the story. Another will mention something totally different. In this story, most of the reviewers mention the romance. Words Spoken True is a very romantic story. That’s one of the things about the story I’ve been talking about on some of the blogs that I’ve actually been going along to visit with Adriane and Blake. I’ve got a few more coming up in the next few weeks and I’ll be giving away a book at most of them to one of the people who comments. The next one up is a guest post on Lyn Cote’s Strong Women, Brave Stories on Tuesday. I was originally scheduled to be on Karen Lange’s Write Now blog tomorrow, but that has been delayed a week or so. That’s one of the neat things about touring the internet. It’s so fluid. You can visit anytime and your book can take off for a visit without you.

I appreciate the reviewers who invited my book over this week and then spent time getting to know my characters. I thank all of you for reading my blog too. It’s so good to have reading friends. Don’t forget about the giveaways you can sign up for. One from my website and another from Fresh Fiction’s Contest Page.

Now back to the new story.