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Okay, so it’s not Wednesday. It’s not even Thursday, the day I usually remember I forgot to post on One Writer’s Journal on Wednesday. But I’ve got excuses. A good writer should always be able to come up with excuses. Or reasons. So, I’m blaming those grandkids who were here a few days ago. By the time they left, I didn’t know what day it was. Since I wasn’t brave enough or energetic enough (the truth is I’m not young enough) to take the four kids to church, I felt like I was missing Sunday and who knew what day it was after that? If you don’t have Sunday, the days just melt together. So you might say I was discombobalated.  Now there’s a word that sounds just like it should. I looked up its meaning on line to be sure I wasn’t discombobalated about that too.
Discombobalated or discombobalation is a word used to say that something confuses you or a word used to say that someone is a bit mental in their head. can be used as an insult!!
Don’t you just love words? Without them, storytellers would be in a fix. Especially if they weren’t good at being a mime or drawing pictures. Words are what I need. I’ve had a romance with them ever since I was a kid. Words spread across book pages carried me away on adventures, caused me to fall in love over and over, let me chase along behind people saving the world from the bad guys, and made me laugh and cry. Words were my favorite games in Scrabble and crossword puzzles and playing hangman with my sister on our chalkboards. I just did a guest post about having a romance with words on Romcon. If you want to check out the post and leave a comment there, you’ll have a chance to win a copy of my new book. I’m also visiting on Katt Scribbles this week where you can leave a comment for a chance to win a book. Lots of those opportunities this month. Along with my own giveaway at my website.
It’s always a kind of gift when the very right word comes to me from seemingly nowhere when I’m writing. Sometimes it will be a word I would never think to say in my own conversations, but somewhere in the murky depths of my writer’s mind it’s been buried, waiting for the right scene, the right character, to rise to the surface, waving its hand in the air, screaming, “Here, I am. Use me.” A lot of the time, I’ll pull out my ancient dictionary, not the on-line kind, but the open it up and flip through the pages kind, to make sure the word means what I think it does. Discombobalated was not in my dictionary. I had to go on-line to find it. Lots of new words have gained entrance into the book of words since my old dictionary was printed years ago. 
But it was the right word. I was discombobalated. It could be that I am discombobalated. But I do know it’s Friday. I do know that I’m supposed to have my first book launch for Words Spoken True tonight at the Corinth Book Store in Frankfort. I do know that the weathermen are talking about a winter storm advisory starting at two o’clock this afternoon. It hasn’t snowed but a skiff all year. The photo above is the bit of snow we had a couple of days ago. Not even enough to call off schools. By noon tomorrow, we’re supposed to get an inch, maybe two, but the weather guys are making it sound like we’re going to have a blizzard. A weatherman misses snow, I’m thinking. It would have to be the day I was hoping to meet and greet some readers that the snow would start falling. Oh well, maybe all of you have four-wheel drives and you want to test them out. If so, come on down to see me. I’m sharing the time with another local writer, Jennifer Johnson, with her book, Shoebox Surprise
Thanks for your patience with this discombobalated writer. I appreciate you dropping by. What words do you like? Which ones bring a feeling or thought to mind for you just from hearing it? Joy. Boisterous. Whisper.  Readers! That’s one of my favorite words. 🙂