Kids and Creeks and Other Summertime Fun

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

Summer time is a good time of year to forget what day it is. All week I’ve had to think twice about whether it’s Monday or Thursday. And oops, it’s Thursday and I totally let Wednesday slip past me without coming over to talk. I can blame it on the deadline rush to edit and pare and trim that had me totally in Shaker land. 

Or I could blame it on the grandkids who came out to spend a couple of days here. With my book off to the editor, this was supposed to be grandkid week with two here on Tuesday and Wednesday and two more tomorrow and Saturday. I finagled and figured and got Mom covered with the help of my sisters. It was all working out so well. Today is the twin’s birthday and I would get to see them as they start being big three-year-olds and then bring the big sisters home for a visit. Plans don’t always work out. The girls both got very sick with high temps and vomiting and blisters on throats. The doctor’s verdict is a nasty virus, but it sure did throw a monkey wrench into our plans. Their mom reports that my eight year old granddaughter was throwing up and then looking up at her mom and asking if she was still going to get to go to grandma’s. Guess I’d better start finagling and figuring and planning a new time, but next week is harder because school starts around here on Tuesday. That changes all the schedules. But where’s there’s a will there’s a way. Or maybe I should say where there’s a grandkid wanting to come grandma finds a way. 

The other grandkids had fun down at the creek 
on Tuesday. The water was mountain stream cool, but they jumped in anyway. They could thank all the recent rains that they had pools deep enough to wade around in. Sometimes this time of the year the creek is nothing but a rocky bed waiting for the winter rains. Here they are checking out the weird green moss on the rocks in the cave and finding fossils. The next day they got to go with their granddad to the Falls of Louisville and find out about more fossils. It was their granddad’s first solo field trip with the grandkids, but I think everybody had fun. That’s what visits to grandma and granddad’s house is supposed to be in the summer when you’re a kid. Fun. I remember going to see my aunt who was like a grandma to me and all my memories are good. And then we spent a week with our cousins. More fun. In the good old summertime.

Hoping you’re having so much fun in these last weeks of summer that you’re forgetting what day of the week it is too. Maybe I’ll get back in the real world soon, but I don’t know. There’s another book waiting to be told. And I’ll have to go off in to some other time and place again.

Thanks for reading.