Pogo Sticks and Friends

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

Did you ever bounce on a pogo stick? How many bounces in a row? Two might be my high number. For me, pogo sticks and balance don’t go together. My kids got these two pogo sticks years ago and now my grandkids enjoy trying to do some bouncing. This granddaughter was able to bounce with a little help from her friends. 

Isn’t that the way so many things are? We can keep the bounces going better when our friends lend us a helping hand. My daughter has been lending me a helping hand this week. With my deadline looming and the story being stubborn, she came to sit with Mom in my place for a few days to give me the alone hours I needed to pull those reluctant words out of my head. Late Tuesday I was finally able to chase down those elusive two words I’d been hunting through too many pages. The End. 

I’m not finished. I still have some heavy lifting to do as I trim and polish and make the story readable. But I was able to keep bouncing out the story with that help from my friends. One of the very best friends to have is a daughter.

A daughter is a gift of love. (Author Unknown)

Hope you’re bouncing through whatever you need to get done this summer week. With that help from your friends. Thanks for reading.