SC Book Festival and Georgia Book Clubs

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L to R: Paula Benson, Margaret Maron, me, Tatjani Soli

Some weekends are just more fun than other weekends. Last weekend was one of those fun kind for me. First I was in Columbia at the SC Book Festival which is one of the most writer friendly festivals I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to attend. This is my second time to attend, but what I like so much about it is that at this festival I get to go listen to the other writers’ presentations.

This year I got to hear Roy Blount Jr. talk about his Alphabet books. Fun. Of course I listen to Roy almost every Sunday after church on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” a radio program. We were on the same shuttle bus the first night we were there and while I didn’t recognize his face, I did his voice. But I also got to hear lots of other writers on panels along with the fun of getting to know them as we shared tables at the dinners and snack times. I was on a panel with Christian writers, Dale Cramer and Nicole Seitz on Saturday and with bestselling writers, Margaret Maron (The Bootlegger’s Daughter) and Tatjana Soli (The Lotus Eaters).  We were an interesting threesome since we wrote different sorts of fiction, but I think that made the panel even more interesting as we each brought something different to the panel discussion led by the very personable and bookloving Paula Benson. It was the last program of the day so we didn’t have a big crowd but we talked books – how we write, why we write, and what  we write

But on Saturday I also had the fun of talking by phone to a great book club in Georgia. And they

sent me this neat, smiling picture. Of course they’re smiling. They just got through talking about my book, Angel Sister. 🙂 And eating no telling what yummy food for breakfast. What a great way to start a Saturday with food and books and friends. The ladies had some intriguing suggestions for me to consider for future stories. It’s always interesting hearing what readers think about my books. And it’s always fun talking to readers at book clubs. I wish I could go to them all in person – that way I’d get in on that yummy food, right? But Georgia is a little too far away, so we had to visit by phone. It’s neat that the ladies sent me their picture. I keep expecting them to wave.
I like book clubs. I’ve visited quite a few different ones in person or by phone now and it’s always a fun time. I’ve never been in a book club, but I can’t help thinking it must be the best kind of club in the world. Books and people who read and then talk about those books. Sounds good to me. Have you ever been in a book club? Did you like talking books and the pleasures of reading? 
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