Double Fun

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Almost two years ago I was rushing to get the book that became The Believer finished before these two little ones made their appearance in the world. And now here they are full of smiles for their grandma and their grandma is rushing to get yet another book finished, my fourth Shaker book, as yet nameless.
~~I’ve been brainstorming names for it and have a whole list but none of the names are settling down and sticking to the story. So we’ll see on that. Right now I need to get the story written. I’m into my quota period. That means I’m ordering myself to write so many words or pages every weekday. I stayed with the schedule last week so we’ll see how things go this week.
~~But aren’t the boys cute? I am blessed with a whole baseball team of healthy grandkids. And cute ones, too.
~~I went with the Patriot Quartet to sing tonight. Well, they sang, and I listened. Got my ego boosted a little by one of the ladies there who had read a couple of my books and came back to the product table to buy all the other books I had with me. I told her I was going to take her on the road with me. That was fun, but you know a boosted ego today is likely to turn into a busted ego tomorrow. With writers it’s an up and down rollercoaster ride. Tonight I was up on the top of the ride with the kind words about my book. Tomorrow I might be at the bottom with a new review that isn’t as kind or maybe a letter from the publishing company saying one of my books is being taken out of print.
~~Actually I got one of those letters last week. My last Hollyhill book, Orchard of Hope is going out of print. But the good news about that is the publishing company has plans to repackage and reissue the three Hollyhill books in the next couple of years, possibly as a set. That’s good news for me, but I guess it would be a higher point if the books had stayed in print because readers loved them that much. Every writer’s dream.
~~So through the ups and downs I just have to hang on and not get too excited or worried about either one. Instead I need to keep pressing keyboard keys, keep putting words together and figuring out what happens next. You can be sure I’ll tell you when what happens next is I write “The End.” That’s a few weeks away.
~~Hope you’re having more ups than downs this week.