An Easter Sunday

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

Spring is the perfect season for Easter when everything is putting out new leaves and new flowers and beginning anew. We had a fantastic Easter day here with the weather. My grandkids were all here and it was great that they were able to be outside playing. And of course the Easter egg hunt is always better when they don’t have to wear winter coats the way they did a couple of years ago. Last Easter wasn’t much better, windy and very chilly. But this year here in Kentucky we had one of those perfect spring days with sunshine and only a little breeze and plenty of green grass to hide the Easter eggs. But not so tall that it took long to find them. One grandkid had a meltdown because big sister kept beating her to the eggs. I’ll have to have designated little kid and big kid areas in the years to come, I suppose. And one of the twins had absolutely no interest in finding eggs. He had much more interesting things to do out in the yard. He wasn’t worried about missing out on the candy. He knew he could find plenty later in the big sisters’ baskets. He wasn’t a bit shy about helping himself. I would have posted a picture of the grandkids but my camera upload isn’t working right now. It’s first one thing then another with my computer.

~~We had a busy day at church starting with sunrise service. I like sunrise service but it’s tough getting up and cooking for the fellowship breakfast and getting lunch ready for the kids to come home. I thought I had it worked out today. Got up really, really early and fixed three of my dishes and put them in the oven. Set it to come on about an hour before I got home. I’m so smart, I’m thinking and everything will be ready when we get home. Turns out I wasn’t so smart. Turns out I hit the wrong buttons on my timer and instead of setting the oven to come on later, I turned it on right then. The bad part is I checked it before I left and didn’t figure out the oven was already on. Turns out five hours cooking apples and potatoes is about four hours too long.

~~So I rush in after church, and my nose knows something’s not right as soon as I walk in the door. Thank goodness there was no smoke filling the place with the smoke detector going off. No, but let me tell you those apples were charred way past eating and the potatoes had an interesting crunch. And the macaroni. I didn’t know macaroni could get that black. So I had to start over on those dishes and finish some of the cooking in the microwave. But we had enough food and I managed to chisel the burnt stuff out of my dishes. Even got one of the dishes clean. The other two aren’t looking too good for the future.

~~I remember one of my older church friends once telling me that she couldn’t do it all (She was talking about cooking for Homecoming dinner at church) on one day the way she used to. Well, I guess I’m getting there because obviously even if I can cook it all on one day, I can’t cook it right. Oh well! She who laughs at herself first can laugh longest. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. And on Easter a person has to count her blessings. A beautiful old country church to attend. A preacher who can make the Bible come to life in his sermons. A great church family who enjoys eating and fellowshiping together. Two fantastic sons and their wonderful wives who are like daughters to me. A loving daughter and her husband who is like a son to me. Nine beautiful, healthy, intelligent grandchildren. A husband to share these blessings with me. And on top of all that the sun was warm on my shoulders today and tomorrow I’ll get to write more of my story.

~~Hope you had a blessed and joyous Easter.