Another Favorite Sunday

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

~~What’s your favorite way to spend Sunday? We had a good one here with a touch of Spring after the snow last week. Got up in the fifties. Felt like it had been July since it had been that warm. Well, October anyway. The thing about Kentucky weather is that it’s changeable and so it’s unusual not to have some pre-season warm days in January and February. We sneaked one in here on the last and it looks as if the kids in our county might have to go to school all week long. It’s been a while since that happened.

~~So today I enjoyed the sunshine on a Sunday. And I thought about how I spend Sundays. Church, of course and tonight I went to hear my husband’s Southern Gospel group, the Patriot Quartet, sing at a church here in town. That’s them in the picture. My husband’s the one singing bass. Or since I guess it’s a little hard to tell which one that is in a picture, the one on the right. I’ve spent a lot of Sundays at gospel music concerts.

~~When I was a little girl I spent most of my Sundays playing with my cousins as our parents took turns visiting back and forth. We had a ball and in fact that’s when I started writing. I made up a story with me and my sister and my cousin as kid detectives solving a mystery out on the farm. That was fun. And started me down the writing path that I’m still going down all these years later. It’s a path that’s been frustrating at times but one I’ve never considered stepping away from. That’s because I love stringing words together to tell stories. Even when it’s hard. And it is hard a lot of the time. But then there are times when the characters come to life and the stories come together and then that sweet reader somewhere tells you that favorite line “I couldn’t put it down.”

~~But I’ve not spent too many Sundays writing except for a few hours doing journal entries. Another kind of writing I enjoy and one that is never hard because in a journal anything goes – as some of you who have been reading this on-line journal surely have noticed. You probably wonder what bunny rabbit I’m going to chase after next. And if you stick with me on those rabbit chases, thank you. If you don’t, then you’re probably not reading this. But that’s another great thing to do on a Sunday – read. That’s a great thing to do any time. And be with family. We did that a lot when our kids were little. They got to grow up playing with their cousins the same as I did. And now I go see my Mom on the Sunday afternoons I’m not traveling with the quartet to wherever they’re singing or my own kids aren’t here visiting.

~~I guess I think of Sundays as days for church and family. Good days. I hope you had a good Sunday today and that you can think back to many Sundays of good times. If you’ve got a minute, it might be fun to hear your favorite Sunday times.