You Know You Live in the Boonies when..

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

You know you live in the boonies when the only tracks on your road are from the mailman’s car. You know their slogan. Neither rain nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night or something like that will delay the mail. There have been a few times the mailman didn’t make it back our road, but most of the time we can count on the mailman to show up.
~~We actually didn’t have all that much snow. About three inches. Okay, you guys in the north, stop snickering. Three inches is a lot for us. Especially when it’s so cold. Well, it didn’t get as cold as they said it was going to, but we thought it was going to be extra cold. That the wind was going to blow and make huge drifts of our three inches.
~~That has happened around here. Not with three inches. We had maybe eighteen or twenty inches of snow that time, but our lane had drifts several feet high over it for weeks. It snowed in January and it was March before a vehicle made it up our lane. My husband pulled the car out through the field to the main road with the tractor so he could go to work. We either walked to the road or rode the tractor down if we had to go anywhere. The kids didn’t go to school for a month and we took turns reading The Lord of the Rings books. Cabin fever was definitely going around that year. At that time we were the only people living back our little lane. Now there are several houses back here and one of the high banks on the side of the lane has been bulldozed away so the snow can’t drift in there and stay now the way it did then. But that was a winter to remember. We had three of those type winters in a row, but lately three inches has been more the norm around here. Of course last winter it was three inches of ice. I’ll take the snow and more of it any day over that ice.
~~Snowy days make good days to write. Or they should. But last week wasn’t a good writing week for me. I typed words, but I think maybe all of them may give my delete key exercise. Nothing seemed to be going the way it should as I tried to get started back on my work in progress after I finished the edits for The Seeker. Or should I say work in the doldrums? And then I see on Facebook where this or that writer friend has written several thousand words in one day. Maybe before breakfast!
~~I know I’ll work through this. I just have to keep on keeping on. Keep writing. Keep deleting what doesn’t work and keep writing some more. I did get a little of a reprieve as I’m going to have to stop again to do some editing on my book scheduled for release next January. Maybe that will give my brain time to come up with some new exciting scenes and before you know it, I’ll be the writer on Facebook saying how many words I got before breakfast. Well, probably not, but at least I’ll be getting some words down and the story told. I love to tell stories, but sometimes I have to dig for the right words to do that.
~~Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. That you’re somewhere warm and if you have snow, you’re enjoying the way it makes everything look so fresh and beautiful. I put this quote by that prolific Anonymous in the Sunday bulletin last week. “Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers.” Wishing you much kindness. Thanks for reading.