Book Fair Smiles

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–Smile! That’s what all us writers did a lot of on Saturday at the Kentucky Book Fair. That’s because there are always a lot of reading friends and other writers to smile back at us. Here I am with my tablemate and fellow historical Christian novel writer, Jan Watson. Jan is very popular with her readers. They all love her and her characters. She didn’t start writing until she retired from nursing and now she has four published books with more on the way. Her new novel is Sweetwater Run. I’m actually reading it now and enjoying the story. After yesterday, I’m sure a lot of other people are reading her story today too after getting her to sign a copy for them.
–I also got to meet Laura Frantz and Gin Petty and Jim Tomlinson. There there were a few stolen minutes to talk with Virginia Smith and Allie Pleiter and Karen Angelucci and Melissa Burton, to mention a few. It’s fun to compare notes with other writers. But there wasn’t much time for visiting between authors. We were all too busy smiling at our reading friends.
–A lot of those reading friends came by my table and were kind enough to say they had read my books. Some of them took another of my books home with them and some new reading friends decided to give my books a try. I hope to see them back next year to say they were glad they did. Actually one teenager did come by the table to let me know that she was glad she’d given one of my books a try last year. I remembered her. She told me last year she wanted to be an editor. You get a lot of aspiring writers coming to talk to you at a Book Fair, but not that many aspiring editors. So I remembered her.
–I remembered a lot of other faces too, but I am afflicted with mental blocks on names when people ask me to sign a book. Even when I’ve known them all my life – maybe especially when I’ve known them all my life. I think it’s all those made up character names up there in my head shoving all the real names aside. At least that sounds like a good excuse. So if you’re one of the people I had to ask your name when I should have known it, I hope you’ll forgive me for giving you a look like a deer in the headlights. I did know you. I just got your name mixed up with one of my character’s names. I sometimes forget their names, too. That’s why I keep a running character list of whatever I’m working on. Oh dear! I bought a book once on improving my memory. Maybe it’s time I read it.
–I did have a good time signing books and talking on the fiction panel. Darrell sat at my book table while I was gone to do the panel talk and had fun filling in for me. I wish I’d had time to walk around and see everybody else’s books, but the day was busy and before I knew it the day was gone.
–A few young people from Western Hills High School came by to say hello. I had the opportunity to go to their school Friday morning and talk to three of their English classes. That was fun and on my Face Book page I promised to do a blog on some of their questions. So stay tuned next week for that.
–Thanks again if you came by to see me at the Fair and thanks to all of you who not only read my books but also my newsletter and my blog. It’s great to have reading friends.