The Seeker’s New Cover Art

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Hi everybody.

I just got back from a jaunt to the mountains where we had a good time visiting with Darrell’s family. We’ve all been married so long that we all feel like sisters and brothers now. I’ve even heard some of the growing up stories about when this or that happened so many times that I feel like I can almost remember it myself – the swimming in the river with the water snakes – the nights coon hunting in the woods with their father – the way their sister kept them all in line – how that sister always wanted a little sister and got four little brothers – how two of the brothers managed to have a fight every day. Family memories that they tell over and over and always laugh. That’s the good part. The laughing now about their shared family memories.
–So we had a great time with a lot of laughing as we got to get out in the woods and admire the beautiful fall colors on the trees in the Smokies. And then when I got home I found out Revell had posted the cover for my next Shaker book, The Seeker, on their website. What do you think?
–It’s always exciting to see a new cover and I’m hoping Charlotte’s story will be one that will appeal to readers. Of course the release date isn’t until July 2010. Several months down the road, but as fast as time goes by that will be here before we know it.
–Since we’re talking about how time flies – we are, aren’t we? – then I have to say my view out the window turned winter while I was gone. When I left there were still leaves on the trees in the yard. Now the leaves are a bright yellow carpet on the ground. I’m hoping this wind that’s kicking up today will lift them all over the fence out into the field where they can happily lay there and slowly rot to add to the nutrients in the soil. That way I won’t have to rake them up and carry them off the yard.
–I had a great time with the bookclub in Blackey, Kentucky on the way home. I’ll post their picture next blog. The new cover had to take precedence today. Let me know how you like it and that way you’ll be entered into my new giveaway for your choice of one of my autographed books (Orchard of Hope, Summer of Joy, Angels at the Crossroads, The Outsider or The Believer) along with Less Than Dead by Tim Downs.
–I’ll be at the Fleming County Public Library, Flemingsburg, KY tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 to 2 for a book fest. Come on out to see me if you live in the area. Me and about twenty other writers would love to talk to you about our books.
–Until Sunday, keep on laughing. It’s good for the face muscles and the heart muscles too.