A Few Days with the Grandkids

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School starts here in Anderson County next Tuesday. The parents I’ve heard talking are groaning about the early start and the teachers are groaning louder. August is sometimes the very best month for summer activities and now schoolwork is going to be on the agenda instead of swimming pools and picnics and vacations at the lake. My grandkids here in Anderson County came out on Tuesday to get one more day in at the farm with Grammy and Pa before the school bells started ringing. Then the WV grandkids and parents came down that night and the older kids and parents went to Kings Island yesterday while we kept the twin boys happy. And spoiled. They’ll celebrate their first birthday in about two weeks, but neither has decided to walk yet. At least without holding on.

I’m never in all that much of a hurry for the walking because I think crawling babies are cute. And they say it’s good for eye coordination and might be good training for reading later on. (I think I read that somewhere once and didn’t just make it up.) Anyway if it is true, I’m all for developing strong readers. All my grandkids enjoy books and being read to. Of course the twins mostly want to chew the pages right now, but that’s their way of enjoying the books.

Everybody’s gone home now after we had a big breakfast this morning. At least there was food and it disappeared, so I guess people ate it. I was too busy responding to various grandma emergencies with this or that favorite grandchild. I had nine favorites this morning plus one little neighbor friend girl who’s certainly sweet enough to add in with the grandkids. But now it’s back to normal except I’m dog sitting for a neighbor. A cute little ball of fluff dog that loves to sit in my lap and follows me around and looks mournfully at me while I’m rushing about doing chores.

At least she used to be a cute little ball of fluff. Her owners must have decided she was hot and gave her a haircut that would certainly qualify for hiding under the car like that little dog I told you about a couple of weeks ago that was embarrassed after getting a clip. But Cubster doesn’t seem to be bothered. I guess she hasn’t looked in a mirror. Sometimes that’s the best way. If you haven’t seen your hair sticking out in all the wrong directions, then you can imagine it looks great. And the truth is, if you think you look okay, most of the people you meet will think you look okay too. Maybe you can tell by this that I didn’t not only not have time to do my blog until everybody went home, I didn’t hardly have time to comb my hair either. But that was okay. Grandkids look with their heart instead of their eyes.

I’m drawing for my last winner of my new book, The Believer, on Saturday for the current give away. I’m sure I’ll be posting some new giveaways soon. It’s not too late to get your name in the pot if you haven’t already. Just go to my website, http://www.annhgabhart.com/ and send me an e-mail from the Contact Ann link. If you’ve already sent an e-mail and haven’t won one of the July Sunday drawings, your name is still in the pot. I plan to get the books in the mail tomorrow to Jeneen, Stefanie, Stephanie and Carrie who have already won.

I haven’t gotten any comments much from my reading family yet, but several are reading the book. They’ll all probably say they enjoyed it whether they did or not, but it’s easy to tell if they really mean it. Maybe I’ll do like the hair and believe them without looking in my mirror of doubt.

I hope some of you find the book and enjoy Elizabeth and Ethan’s story. The reviewer for Romantic Times Book Review Magazine gave it four stars. Last year The Outsider was a “Top Pick” which was a great spirit booster, but a four star review is very good.

Sorry I was late with my entry this week. By the time I got those babies settled last night, I forgot it was Wednesday.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.