Each Child a Favorite Blessing

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I just got home from my babysitting weekend in WV. The babies are so cute, both the twins and their big sisters. The twins turned eleven months old while I was there. Neither of them have started walking yet, but they crawl everywhere super speed. Especially when they see an open door where they think they might escape to the outdoors. Or get something yummy out of the fridge. I’d open the refrigerator door and they both made a bee line for the bottom shelf on the door holding the jars of sauces and dressings. I’d pull one twin back and by the time I reached for the second one, the other one was already back grabbing for the jars. I had to learn to be quick. But they didn’t cry except when they were hungry or sleepy and so this grandma isn’t complaining. It was fun seeing them crawl everywhere.

And the girls and I had a good time playing all sorts of imagining games and reading books. They had one book about three little bear cubs wondering if their parents loved their siblings better than them. The book was very sweet in pointing out how each bear cub was special in his own right. In a family of five children that’s something that’s bound to come up at times. That wondering whether this or that sister or brother is more favored. In fact the six year old said she wondered about that sometimes after we finished reading the story. I told her the love of moms and dads is like a candle that can light many little candles and still burn just as bright on each of them, but I’m not sure she knew what the heck I was talking about. So I just told her she was very loved by all. Then the next day she told me that all my grandbabies couldn’t be my favorites, but I told her that yes, somehow they are. Each and every one.

But most of us who grew up in a family with brothers or sisters probably thought at one time or other that our parents favored this or that sibling the most. And probably at one time or another they did, but then we no doubt got our moments when we were the favored child as well. For sure I always knew I was loved and treasured by my mother and father. And that’s what my grandbabies are too – loved and treasured by their parents and their grandparents, too. What a blessing for a child. One I would wish for every child.

This is week two in my book giveaway and I actually remembered to draw the winner today for an autographed copy of my new book, The Believer. Can you believe that? And the winner is Stefanie from right here in Kentucky. If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, you can still get in on the fun by sending me an e-mail from my website. I’m going to be drawing for three more winners.

I still haven’t gotten a copy of the book myself, but I think one is on the way. I had a postcard from Fed Ex that they couldn’t find me. Something always happens with those delivery guys. Just because I live back in the sticks on this little obscure lane and then they always write the address down wrong. I mean what’s their problem! So maybe next week I’ll get to see what the new book looks like.

I’m anxious to get back to full time writing work instead of having to do all this painting. I need to put a second coat on the living room but after that I may throw away my paint rollers. Except the back hall really needs painting too and there’s the trim in the kitchen and… Oh well, some of these days I’ll maybe get half of what needs doing done. Of course the greenbeans are coming on in the garden and the corn is beginning to make ears. Always something. And it’s always been that way all the time I’ve been writing through the years. And yet I have managed to keep writing and I will now too. Writing is what I do.

Hope you’re getting to do what you want to do this week. Talk to you again on Wednesday.