Happy Wednesday – Dub made bail!

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I bailed my big old chocolate Lab out of doggie jail on Monday. Somebody had picked him up on Thursday and turned him into the animal shelter, but I couldn’t get any answer at the shelter until Monday because of the holiday weekend. Poor old dog had to sit in that cage all weekend. I have his tags, but had neglected to put them on his collar. You can believe they’re on there now. As soon as I drove up to the shelter I could hear Dub barking. He must have recognized the car and was he ever glad to see me. I’m hoping he’ll stay down on the farm now. The neighbor bailed his dogs out too though it gets expensive after a few days in doggie jail. So very glad to have the old dog stretched out on the porch again even if he does need a bath.

I have to apologize to all of you who entered my book giveaway. I said I’d announce the first winner of an autographed copy of The Believer last Sunday, but I guess all the fireworks and missing dog addled my brain. However I have now drawn for the first week’s winner and that is (drumroll please) Jeneen. I’ll be contacting Jeneen to get her address to send the book when I get my copies. I haven’t received a copy yet, but I learned last time with The Outsider not to get too anxious. With that book, I saw copies in the store before I had any in hand. Not a bad thing. I like seeing copies in stores and in other people’s hands as they read. I’ll draw for the next winner Sunday – if my brain isn’t too addled from playing with grandbabies this weekend. I’m going to WV to babysit that set of grandkids. We’ll have fun and Grandma will be busy.

I’m still doing those yucky housecleaning chores. Painted all day Monday and Tuesday till eleven in the night. Had to take a break on Monday to go bail out the dog and on Tuesday to go to the dentist. I almost looked forward to that since I figured lying back in a dentist chair would give me a few minutes rest. Of course they stand you on your head these days and then try to carry on a conversation with you. There you are practically standing on your head with blood rushing down (or would that be up) into your head along with having two hands poking around in your mouth. It’s “aah, ogg, splutter” when you try to answer. Anyway came home and had to pick up the paint roller again. I’m definitely developing muscles in that arm. Sore muscles.

But today, I decided I’d better take a break if I was going to be able to keep up with the grandkids the rest of the week. The hometown grandkids came out to pick zuchinni and peppers out of their part of the garden. They’re so cute out there among the rows of veggie plants that I need to take my camera out there and snap some photos to add to the hundred or two I already have on my camera. Do any of the rest of you have that problem? Just adding to your memory card and putting off downloading or printing them? I’ll have to take my sleeping bag to Wal-Mart when I decide to get the pictures printed off.

Just a few more weeks until I’ll be doing my booklaunch at Shaker Village. Corinth Bookstore in Frankfort is selling the tickets and say they’re getting some calls. Hope those of you in the area can come join in the fun. The tickets are for the breakfast. You can check out the details on my webpage in the schedule part on the Home page. Also thanks to any of you who may have befriended me on Facebook and Goodreads. It’s good to have new friends and to get reacquainted with some old friends.

Hope you’re enjoying lots of great photo ops this summer.