A New Book Calls for a New Giveaway

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Hi, everybody. Hope you’re having a great week. It’s hot here, but the sun is shining. That’s good after rain and more rain last week. Darrell finally got up some hay and now with sunshine in the offing, his mower is broken. That’s a farmer’s life. When I was a kid, my dad mowed hay with a sickle mower and I don’t think he ever managed to mow a whole field without breaking the blade at least once. Of course we had a few rocks where we lived. Actually we had a lot of rocks where we lived. Our farm isn’t far from that one, but not as rocky. A lot of difference only a mile or so away. Once upon a time, long, long ago our farm was supposed to be part of a shallow sea. At least that’s what the geologists think. We do have a lot of fossils and pebbles and sandy soil in places.

Wait, I’m not supposed to be off chasing rabbits. I’m supposed to be telling you about my new book giveaway. I sent out a newsletter a couple of days ago and I thank all of you who have responded. If you haven’t heard back from me yet, you will – if my internet doesn’t give up the ghost or something equally dire. Of course, I did go to the store and buy all kinds of painting supplies to paint my kitchen. That’s pretty dire. :-o! Guess I’m really going to have to get at those July chores after all.

Anyway, the newsletter went out with news of my summer book giveaway. I’m going to be drawing a name out of the hat every Sunday in July and then again on August 1 to give away an autographed copy of my new book, The Believer. I’m really excited about the book and hope you will be too. I think it shows the unique beliefs of the Shakers even better than The Outsider and that the romance between the two main characters is compelling. At least I hope so. Guess I will soon find out when readers start letting me know what they think. If you haven’t entered the giveaway and want to, just send me an e-mail from my website. You can also sign up for my newsletter there if you want to get some occasional reports on what’s going on in my writing life and here on the farm.

I know you’re getting some of that info here in the blog. This is my 151st blog entry. I could have written another book. I guess I did write another book, just not one that would make any sense if it was put together page after page. Some writers obsess about making their blog entries perfect, full of wisdom, and extra meaningful. Sorry, guys. You’re just reading my journal. Free association. Chasing rabbits. Just talking to friends.

When I first started writing a journal when I was about fourteen, I always addressed my entries to Dear Nemo – the Latin word for nobody. At least I thought it was the Latin word for nobody. My Latin is definitely very rusty now. Dear Nemo. Dear No one. But you know I always pictured my Nemo out there listening. And now maybe my nobody has actually turned into some real somebodies. So glad to be writing to somebody. Thanks for reading.

Hope you don’t have to paint any kitchens and can kick back, put your feet up and enjoy some good books. Till Sunday. I won’t be drawing this week, but will on the first Sunday in July. You’ve still got plenty of time to get your name in the hat.