The Blessings of Walls

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Hey everybody, we’ve got walls!! No more airy rafters. Plus the heat and cool is operable so we’re fixed. Well, actually I’ll be complaining about it being too cold (air conditioned cold) and Darrell will be complaining about it being too hot (not air conditioned cold enough) in short order. Isn’t it that way in every house?

But walls are nice. And a blessing. Maybe one of those everyday blessings, but definitely a blessing. Of course it might be nice if the vent covers were here. I was ordered to absolutely not cover up the intake air vent, but the cover was on back order and I wouldn’t step in that hole, would I? No, of course not, I promised with great confidence about ten minutes before I did just that. Now I have a table sitting over it. I’ll run into the table for sure, but maybe my foot won’t land in the duct work. Graceful was never my middle name. I never could do a cartwheel although as a little girl I dreamed of being a graceful dancer. But even when I was doing the dreaming, I knew it would never happen. Perhaps if I had wanted it badly enough I could have practiced and practiced and learned a few graceful dance moves. Perhaps. But I didn’t want to dance that badly. I wanted to write and so worked more on graceful word arrangements. I’m still practicing on that.

When I was signing in tonight the blogger opening page had as its blog of note Words Not Written Yet. Boy, have I got some of those. I did make a good run on my new book this week and got past a couple of sticky spots. And this was in spite of those nice heat and air guys sawing holes in my office floor and banging around in the crawl space under my feet. Maybe this is all good practice for my concentration. I only had to resort to deserting my office and going to the lap top once. Of course a lot of writers only use a lap top, but the differences in the keyboards and the little square mouse give me pause.

Besides I like writing at my desk where I can look out the window at the birds and have an excuse to get up and go fill the birdfeeders instead of buckling down to work. I mean I have to do that. The birds might be hungry and go away and never come back. Then I have to pat Oscar and Dub and throw the ball for Oscar a few times and pick the strawberries and go for a walk and you should see the dust.

I actually dusted some last weekend and then the plasterers came today and gifted me with another layer of fine white powder on everything. I’ll have to buy Pledge in the economy size. But eventually I usually get down to work and I’ve got one more week to meet my own personal deadline for the first draft. I’m not going to meet it, but I’m hoping not to be many days off. The publishers and me have decided on the new title. The Seeker. What do you think? A lot of sci-fi books have a similar title, but this is a Shaker book and the seeker is an artist seeking pictures and answers. But first comes The Believer, not so far away now. August will be here before you know it. And I’m hoping to have a couple of book launches. I’ll let those of you nearby know the plans when I get them figured out.

Company’s coming this weekend. My daughter and her husband and maybe my son and his family, too. I’ve told them not to expect much, that my house is an absolute wreck, but the best part of that is there’s no way I can really clean it up yet so I might as well not even try. Another of those little blessings – right there along with walls.

Hope you have plenty of everyday blessings in your life this week. If you’re reading my ramblings, you’re a blessing to me. Send me a message or a comment (with contact info) if you want to be in my book giveaway drawing. I’m drawing the name the end of next week.