Texas Here I Come

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Hi everybody. Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m getting on that airplane and flying to Texas. I’ve already asked my church family for prayers for the airplane and the pilot. I’m n-n-not really a n-n-n-ervous flyer. Honest. I mean I’ve already been on two airplane trips. That makes me practically an experienced traveler, doesn’t it? But prayers always help. No matter how you’re traveling or what you’re doing. I don’t think there’s a greater gift you can give a person than to say a prayer for them. And you’ve always heard it’s more blessed to give than receive, so here’s your chance to be blessed and my chance and that pilot’s chance to be blessed by your prayers.

I am excited about being at the Christian Book Expo. This is something I’ve never done before. I’ve been to book fairs and such, but never to a big event celebrating writers and books. I can’t wait to meet all those famous writers that up until now have merely been names on books. Max Lucado is one of them. If any of you want to read a devotional book that helps you feel as if you’re basking in the love of the Lord, try one of his. No frowns in his books as he encourages us to live the Lord’s way. I’ll have to buy something from him to get his autograph if he’s signing books at the Expo. Of course the line will probably be two miles long, so I might not be willing to wait that long. As for when I sign my book, I’m just hoping there will be somebody, anybody in line.

I did get some good news about The Outsider. I guess I should say additional good news since the Book Award nomination was definitely already good news. Anyway, The Outsider is number thirteen on the CBA (Christian Book Association) Fiction Bestseller list for April. Reader response to that story just keeps astounding me.

How do you like my picture here on the blog? That’s the same one the CBE lifted off my website to post on their website alongside all the professional photos. One of my Sunday School kids took the snapshot of me when we were hiking down at Panther Rock. Me and the kids always have a great time down at the creek, so if I look like I’m having fun, then that’s because I was. Plus it looks as if I had somehow managed to stay away from all the splashing – at least up until then.

Susie, my webmaster, has been helping me with posting pictures and my book cover on the blog since my dial up connection usually times out before I can get the process figured out. Or maybe it’s my brain that times out.

Hope that doesn’t happen in Texas. I’ll be sure to let you know how things come out when I get home this weekend. And thanks for the blessing of those prayers.